Professional Designation - Need Input On

Hello All,

I need your input.

I have been asked by a professional travel media association to create the criteria for Web Series Professionals entering the organization.

Here is what they currently have: which is unrealistic for documentarians and TV professionals, as well as web series professionals.

My current thinking is that they step away from this table and turn broadcast media into its own category with different subcategories within.

Within this, they create a category for Guests / Hosts and a category for Filmmakers (encompassing producers, writers, and directors).

In the Guest / Host category, each guest or host on a travel TV segment, gets 5 points / appearance. This would be on an international, national, or provincial broadcast tv show or web series that meets the criteria in the filmmaker category for web series.

In the Filmmaker category for travel films and documentaries of:

  • 20 - 30 minutes are awarded 15 points for each festival, broadcast network or cinema chain that they screen at

  • 30 - 59 minutes are awarded 25 points for each festival, broadcast network or cinema chain that they screen at

  • 60+ minutes are awarded 50 points for each festival, broadcast network, professional screening site or cinema chain that they screen at

  • 5 points are given for each festival award won

In the Filmmaker category for travel TV and Web Series:

  • the series must have a minimum of 3-episodes of at least 3-minutes each

  • each episode gets 10 points for each festival, broadcast network or professional screening site that they screen on

  • on open screening sites, like YouTube, each episode with a minimum of 10,000 views will be awarded 10 points, provided it has been accepted into at least 2 festivals

  • 5 points are given for each festival award won

Professional Screening Sites= Sites that have a broadcast style agreement for the film or series. These would be sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Seeka TV, Fearless, Crave … etc.

Festival Screenings must be in a professional category - ie. not a student category

What do you think? Thoughts? Changes?

This is a lot of info for something outside my expertise :slight_smile:

For your proposed Web Series category, getting one season onto something like Seeka TV would be enough to get past 50, at 10 points per episode. Is that the intention, to require a reasonably easy hurdle that’s still non-trivial?

Another thing I would say is that YouTube view count numbers can be an unreliable metric to depend on. Didn’t they recently “reset” a bunch of counts based on suspected bot activity?

My personal goal here is that they don’t exclude people making professional quality content, and based on having worked in print media, the work that would go into a creating season of a series is substantially more than their print criteria, so my hope is that this demonstrates that they are professional without being exclusionary.

Re: YouTube view counts - I agree, but for them to consider an open streaming platform to qualify they need a number attached.