Release All At Once Or One Place At A Time?

(Travis Grossi) #41

Thank you so much for saying this. I don’t know why, but I hadn’t been running ads with the individual episodes, but after seeing you post this yesterday I ran one $5 ad and got 1K views in a day. Now I’m going to run ads for all the episodes (for a grand total of $30) and that way the later episodes won’t have such a pitiful view count slash hopefully more people will actually watch (and like!).

Thanks again!

(Clif Johnston) #42

My pleasure, happy to be useful :wink:

(Erica) #43

With Season 1 of Naturally Ours, we decided to do the staggered release to different streaming platforms. This worked for us, as it allowed us to share different story bites in different ways over a longer period of time on social media, and give attention to each platform, rather than diluting the love between them. If you think about it this is also what TV Series do with different air dates on different networks.

(Erica) #44

I loved that series. re: Chuck

(Mark Mainolfi) #45

What comes to my mind is if you can strike deals with some of the platforms. If one of your outlets is excited about promoting an exclusive premier, that can work well for you.