Requesting Feedback on Show Format of British Rationals

Hi Everyone,

I’m Keif, I’ve been producing short films for about 8 years. I’ve been releasing them on I worked on a friends web series last year, and this year decided to make one myself after being disappointed in the speed at which the comedy TV shows could respond to the news. The news is just too fast these days.

So, a friend and I came up with the idea of British Rationals. Ultra-current affairs, we write shoot and release daily in response to the headlines of the day. We wanted to make it as realistic as possible, so the characters would create the comedy.

I’m lead producer, one of the writers on the show (we have a team of 7 writers, and the cast also submit material), I direct the shoot, I run the camera, I edit it, and I did all the after effects.

We meet daily at 10am, finish the script by about midday, go out and shoot for an hour and a half or so, then start editing about 14:15 and release about 15:30, and get it subtitled by about 16:30.

I’d like to know what people felt about

  1. How professional it looks?
  2. Are the jokes funny?
  3. Should we be pushing for character based jokes or just any jokes?
  4. Should the performances be more naturalistic?
  5. I think we’ve struck upon the right format for thursday/fridays show, with a cold open, ident, jokey headlines, real headline and introducing the topic to the character over the headline, then response, response, response, next headline. each show having 4 headlines, and each character three/four responses. Is that working for people?

We’re back for Series 2, starting on the 13th of November. I’ve changed the format slightly to make it quicker to get into the jokes.

How professional it looks?: Very professional
Are the jokes funny?: Not all the jokes are working
Should we be pushing for character based jokes or just any jokes? any jokes will do but as long as it made viewers laugh
Should the performances be more naturalistic? I think it should be bit exaggerated so that people will understand that you’re being sarcastic.

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Do you have specific ways they can improve? What about the jokes aren’t working for you?

They should work on their jokes where it connects to everyone instead of people who watch news for example me and my girlfriend watch this first episode together and she didn’t find a single joke funny at all, it’s because jokes aren’t approachable to her.

So script needs to be written in a way thinking about different level of audiences.

So the first post is the first few episodes, we learnt a lot doing them and we’ve actually withdrawn the first four from normal view because we think it really picked up on the second week of production. I’ve attached the latest series below. We get to the jokes quicker, and have a better presentation style. Ultimately however, it is a show talking about the news stories. We try and explain them a bit more in the year in review show, but as it’s a daily show looking at what just happened a certain amount of local knowledge is going to be required.

We have just made and released a 2017 year in review as well.

Year In Review -
Series 2 -

Series 1 -


I pretty much enjoyed watching series 2 compared to series 1 episodes and your production value is amazing in this series as well also jokes are more appealing.

Probably you should continue with the same kind of videos but as a suggestion maybe you could fasten up each scenarios in a way that I don’t wait for longer for example even that logo of MONTHS appearance is around 3-5 secs should be 2-3 secs.

All the best for your work! Also I would appreciate any kind of feedback from your team for our series



@keif Raja will actually be doing a community critique tomorrow!

(also, Raja, remember you need to critique one other show before you post yours tomorrow)