Royalty-free music for my web serie

(Dan Shuri) #1

Hi everyone,

I recently had a painful and time-consuming process while I was looking for royalty-free songs online.
Either the song didn’t fit the mood of the scene, or it wasn’t that good. So I needed to repeat the process again, instead of being productive…
So after few months of coding, I’ve made a tool that help me make original song instantly from scratch. I’ve put a bit of A.I algorithms, and a lot of love.
I need valuable feedbacks to make this web-app useful! :slight_smile:

Give it a try >



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(Ethan Pavone) #2

I will def check that out, but you should check out youtube royalty free music I have used it for 90% of my web series “Jim Morrison Goes to Hell to Save the Soul of Rock N Roll” @

(Kailee Cristina Brown) #3

wow this is a very sweet tool, i’m impressed! it’s fun that it’ll just create stuff for you. I pay about $10 a month to a subscription site so I can get good music, but this is a good resource for people who might not have the funds to pay.

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