Sci-Fi/Fantasy Recommendations: Anamnesis

Welcome back to my weekly Sci-Fi/Fantasy recommendation here at Stareable! I’m spatulawilwheat, aka Meaghan. I’m a student and sci-fi/webseries fanatic, and this is the place where I showcase new and old webseries in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

It’s been a while, over a month! I hope you had a great holiday season and start to 2018. If you missed my last recommendation, we talked about Last Life which you can see here.

The first show I want to talk about this new year is a short sci-fi series called Anamnesis.


Year(s): 2015

  • Creators: Finite Films
  • Where to Watch: Official Website
  • Starring: Mallory Marie Wedding, Zach Brown, Brad C. Wilcox
  • Overview: A young woman dreams her boyfriend’s murder only to wake up and have it come true.
  • Fun Fact: The original version of the series was shot as a 20 minute short film.
  • Tags: captioned, use of voiceover, visually stunning, female lead(s), ensemble cast, lucid dreaming, cliffhanger(?)

Anamnesis follows Hannah, Sean, and Noah, and their interconnected dreams. The series opens with Hannah’s dream of her boyfriend Adam being shot in a robbery, only to find out that he has died in that exact way upon waking up. Sean, bored with life but obsessed with dreams, keeps a dream journal with him at all times and records his dreams regularly. Noah experiences strange premonitions that are keeping him paranoid towards his wife. There’s a unique aspect that ties them all together, in the end, building up to a huge cliffhanger(? We’ll mention that later.) The word itself, anamnesis, refers to a kind of recollection, in simplest terms. Keep that in mind, and maybe look it up again after watching.

The series is short, clocking in at just over an hour. However, that’s all it needs to tell a nuanced story about dreams. I recommend two viewings of this one, as there’s a lot of little details that might help your brain resolve that cliffhanger at the end, which, in retrospect, might not be that much of a cliffhanger at all. Think of what Sean said and maybe check out the other definition of the title. If you like things that are heavily layered and enjoy analyzing and theorizing like mad, Anamnesis is definitely worth a watch, especially for its short viewing time that isn’t a huge commitment.

Content warnings follow after the embedded trailer and playlist.

Content warnings: blood, violence (some involving guns), mild jumpscares/flashing imagery, death, scenes in hospitals/with medical equipment

Another content warning follows but contains HUGELY MAJOR spoilers. Feel free to read on after this picture of my cat for one more warning.


One main character is in a coma and dreaming all the time which causes him great distress and confusion.


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