Sci-Fi/Fantasy Recommendations: End Times

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Welcome back to my weekly Sci-Fi/Fantasy recommendation here at Stareable! I’m spatulawilwheat, aka Meaghan. I’m a student and sci-fi/webseries fanatic, and this is the place where I showcase new and old webseries in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

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Today, we’re diving into a world of a viral outbreak with End Times.

End Times

Year(s): 2013-2016

  • Creators: Mad Manatee Productions
  • Where to Watch: YouTube
  • Starring: Kim Miner, Abby Burlingame, Cameron Riggins, Kevin Wyatt-Stone, Katrina Santos, Jordy Renderos
  • Overview: Found footage of teens in the apocalypse is researched by a teen in the future.
  • Fun Fact: The series takes place following characters in two different timelines.
  • Tags: virus, apocalypse, teen characters, badass teens/ladies, lgbtq+ rep

End Times is an incredible foray into the world of the post-apocalypse, specifically one after a viral outbreak that killed most adults. The show is, therefore, led by teens, as well as the society. The show follows The Archivist, a… sort of journalist researching footage from a camera on which five teens documented the beginning of the apocalypse.
Throughout three seasons, The Archivist narrates each set of videos, and her own plot begins to play out, leading to an explosive series finale which ties the two plotlines together in a brilliant way.

The teens in the cast are fantastic, and are all quite competent actors by the close of the series. The production quality greatly increases throughout, with a snazzy new opening and visuals in the final season, while still keeping the feel of the show.

Abby Burlingame as Trace Roth, the leader of the rag-tag group of teenage survivors in 2013, and Kim Miner as The Archivist in 2025 both are absolutely captivating in their roles, and are both incredibly strong and complex characters, teens, and women.

If you like a classic viral outbreak/post-apocalyptic story, with a complex plot that weaves together over two time periods, and like seeing strong teen characters, End Times is worth checking out.

Content warnings follow after the embedded playlist.

Content warnings: violence, death, mild blood/injuries.

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