Sci-Fi/Fantasy Recommendations: Last Life

(Meaghan Cassidy) #1

Welcome back to my weekly Sci-Fi/Fantasy recommendation here at Stareable! I’m spatulawilwheat, aka Meaghan. I’m a student and sci-fi/webseries fanatic, and this is the place where I showcase new and old webseries in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Last time, I told you a little about the the post-apocalyptic End Times, which you can read here.

Today, I decided to go a bit more onto the fantasy side of things with a show called Last Life.

Last Life

Year(s): 2015-

  • Creators: Elesha Barnette/The Puma Squad
  • Where to Watch: YouTube
  • Starring: Kathy DiStefano, Nancy Cooney, John Grohl, Robert Palmer Watkins, Nicola Lambo
  • Overview: Witches who are soulmates in every life are driven apart from each other by evil witches.
  • Fun Fact: The third and final season is currently being worked on!
  • Tags: mc voiceover, witches, badass ladies, lgbtq+ rep, strong female leads, diverse crew & cast, captioned (up to s2e6)

I’m Sloane. And I am part of an ancient coven of dark witches known as the Blood Born. I have lived many lives, with one mission: to reunite with my soul mate. The last time, I died I broke the rules, and now this is my Last Life.

Sloane’s voiceover in every episode tells the plot pretty plainly: Last Life follows Sloane on her search to connect with her soulmate, Taylor, and rescue her from the hands of the opposing light witch coven. It turns out, things aren’t so black and white, and neither the Alina or Blood Born seem to have anyone’s interest in mind but their own.

Sloane and Taylor’s relationship develops and becomes increasingly complex, as Sloane tries to free her from the mind control of the Alina, Taylor tries to remember her previous lives which have been suppressed, leading to some complicated situations between the two.

Last Life is an awesome thought-provoking series in that way; about trust, and love, and what that trust and love entails. Otherwise, it’s a cheesy-at-times, fun drama about witches with some great queer rep. The camera work and sound are exceptional, which makes up for the sometimes stiff or cheesy lines. It’s not something to take too seriously, but a fun show, visually and thematically. If you’re into witches, and a battle between good and evil, It’s an easygoing watch.

Content warnings follow after the embedded trailer and playlist.

Content warnings: violence, death, blah blah, the usual pg-13 action and violence and sexytimes. Nothing too raunchy or gory. Some creepy supernatural effects (i.e. eyes going all white).

I’m gonna warn you one more time because this one is a SERIOUS spoiler but feel free to read on after this picture of my cat for one more warning (It’s about mental illness and its treatment).


A main plot of the first season is that one of the main characters sees a therapist for what she believes are multiple personalities, and is medicated accordingly. However, the personalities are those of her past lives, and her doctor (also a witch), is trying to repress them. Emotional manipulation is a core part of the series.

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