Sci-Fi/Fantasy Recommendations: Relativity

(Meaghan Cassidy) #1

Welcome back to my weekly Sci-Fi/Fantasy recommendation here at Stareable! I’m spatulawilwheat, aka Meaghan. I’m a student and sci-fi/webseries fanatic, and this is the place where I showcase new and old webseries in the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Last week, I delved into the waitstaff of the afterlife of Here We Wait, which you can find here.

Yesterday, we’re talking about Relativity.


Year(s): 2016

  • Creators: Chris Cherry
  • Where to Watch: YouTube
  • Starring: Michelle Agresti, Jon Esquivel, Dana Shiree
  • Overview: College student receives a mysterious package. Time is complicated. Your brain will hurt.
  • Fun Fact: The entire series was shot in two days with six people.
  • Tags: small cast, female main character(s), time travel

Relativity is an indie science fiction webseries. Relativity is a series about time travel. Relativity is what I imagine LSD feels like. Relativity, above all, is a lesson in small budget productions.

The thing with low budget sci-fi, is, most of the time it’s badly done, obvious CGI. The rare gems (a good example; see: the movie Primer, another time travel flick) all have one thing in common: high-concept, skillful execution of a plot which can be played out in a commonplace setting. Relativity, for example, takes place entirely in a dorm room at one angle. Special effects are limited to disorienting audio and moving the camera in a clever way.

Speaking of the camera: the point of view of the series seems to follow the mysterious object students Erin, Perry, and Candace find themselves trapped with. We never actually see said object, but the camera angle rises, falls, and tilts as the object is perceived as moving. It’s a clever trick that really sells the concept.

By far the coolest part of the show is that fact that the episodes can be watched in three different orders, showing how each character experiences their own series of events, with a secret ending at one of their paths. I recommend that you take Chris Cherry’s advice and watch them in the order of Candace, Perry, then Erin.

The first order you watch in will be extremely confusing and not make ANY sense, but as you watch them in the other designated orders, you start to understand how everyone is experiencing time and get a feel for what’s going on. Don’t get me wrong–it still kind of hurts my brain to think about it but I think I could explain the plot if I had to.

If you enjoy a good brain-hurting confusion and the sudden rush of everything making sense, Relativity is a good bet for both of those. It’s an incredible work of sci-fi on an incredibly low budget, turning out 3x the content with the same amount of footage. It’s a really cool concept to see play out, even for the second (and third) watch.

Content warnings follow after the embedded video.

Content warnings: death?

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(Bri Castellini) #2

This remains the smartest thing I’ve ever worked on and I’m so mad at Chris’s brain/proud of him. ALSO. @mintypineapple you see this?? Our boy!

(Joseph Steven Heath) #3

I’m so proud of him! He’s a very good boy!