Second Day of Filming was almost a complete disaster!

The problems began the night before. One by one, I had actors texting me saying they couldn’t make. for filming the next day.

First up and actor who ran into transportation problems the weekend b/f and was running behind. His aunt was not doing so good and he decided he need to stay with her. But this was not decided until 10:45 AM the day b/f. My issue is that actors tend to do that alot. Informing me up to the very last minute that they can’t make it the day of shooting.
Anyway, I am need to be at work soon but begin formulating a plan to rewrite the scenes he was so we didn’t have to postpone filming.

Then I’m at work and I get a message that my lead actress is having a gallbladder attack and is in the emergerncy. She was going to try and get it under control to make it to filming the next day. I’ve been thru this with my mother. I should have known better but ended up taking her word for it that she might end up being able to make it. Becaues we may not get to finish episode one until January. Backers were suppose to get at a minimum the first episode by January. She was in one the next day and then episode one would be wrapped.

So I get home and start reediting the script. I don’t get home until midnight. I was finally getting about ready for bed at close to 2 am ( I needed to be up by six) when an actor who we needed for the last scene in episode 1 messages me. At 2 in the freakin morning! He wrote

Heads up, had to head to Hamilton. Michelle’s mom’s health got really bad again. I’m going to most likely be here till Sunday to help take care of her while Michelle’s working.
Now, this is his future mother-in-law. I dont’ know the specifiics of the situation, but no idea what he has to be the one to take care of her. His scene, if the actress with the gallbladder would end up making it, would take make 2 to 2.5 hours. I wanted to argue with him, but decided against. Keep in mind, we were suppose to film his one scene the weekend b/f but he was too sick to come. Fever. Throwing up…etc.

The next morning, I get up, begin rushing around to make sure everything is ready. We have a little bit of extra time b/c filming the last scene of episode of 1 had to get scrapped. I think it kind of worked out for the best b/c we need to do some set up and that gave us some extra. time.

By 10:45 it was official everyone save for one person, was too sick to come in or was taking care of a sick relative. I had food coming at 11:45. Everyting was mostly set up. So we the crew who had been helping me bust me butt got a descent meal and then we filmed some close-ups of the one actor who was able to make it.

I am not trying to work with the cast to get this filmed and figure out if there is a weekday we can get together b/c for the next two weekends or mabe three, my crew has other filming commitment and I dont’ have anyone to help DP or help do sound or do lights b/c they have other film sets that they are already scheduled to be on.

But my cast looks amazing!

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