Seed&Spark founder and CEO Emily Best, AMA!

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I am not the social media platform expert on the Seed&Spark team (Julie who was with you a few weeks ago is the expert!). I will say this: you need to know where your audience hangs out. It could be that your audience isn’t really on those platforms, or uses them in a particular way. Which is to say, the answer of how to get the most out of those platforms lies in interviewing your audience to find out more. We talk more about that here: and here:

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The ONLY path to true sustainable independence that you control is growing a direct relationship with your audience that you own. That is how you can make money if you want to distribute on your own, that is how you can get attention of distributors, that is how you get the next project funded because that’s how you prove to investors your IP is valuable.

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GREAT question.
I really, really, really still believe in mailing lists. (Email.) To me, the social media platforms are only there to help me get people to sign up for my mailing list. Also there are AMAZING products like Superphone that are increasingly popular that engage your audiences through text messaging.

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In terms of practical, immediate ideas for growing your audience, what comes to mind first? What are some actionable steps all of us creators in this AMA can take as soon as the event ends to improve our audience reach/audience relationships?

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What is the largest campaign raise to date on S&S?

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I 10000% do not think flexible campaigns should even be a thing. Here is the thing: when someone contributes to your campaign, they are contributing based on the promises you’re making in your pitch, which are based on your being able to raise the amount you’re asking for. It feels super gross to keep sending you guys to videos of me but I literally can’t type fast enough to answer all these amazing questions. Here is how I address that question, and it’s about tailoring your goal and your promises:

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Feminist Frequency raised $205,000.
Only a few hundreds campaigns for movies and shows have ever raised over $100K across all platforms. It’s really important to understand that it’s not the platform that can do that for you, it’s the amount of time you have invested in developing your audience.

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That’ll do it for today, folks! Thanks everyone for getting involved!

HUGE big thanks to @EmilyBest for answering all of our questions today!

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Concur. That said, what do you think is a common variable in six figure raises?

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So, you have to know WHO your audience even is to start building that strategy. I am sorry to keep passing you off to these short videos but my little fingers cannot do justice to these incredible questions fast enough.
How you figure our who the hell your audience is
How you start building a strategy to talk to them

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Thank YOU, Emily!

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions I would have more but I am quite busy today and everyone else is asking for great questionss.

What can I do to support a crowd funding campain?