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Thanks, Bri, and HI, SJLane!

I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THIS, SJ. Partly because I wrote a book about it, which you can find for free on Seed&Spark.

But here’s my basic advice:

  • create a communication plan to use during your campaign that makes sense for the story of your film (not the film itself but your journey in making it.) and schedule it out. Best practice: at least 2 updates a week, with at least one of them being a video. Since most campaigns are about 4 weeks long, that’s not so bad, right?
  • since you’re a filmmaker, use your campaign as a chance to share your visual aesthetic. you’ll want to share short vids (perhaps about your cast), thank you vids, behinds-the-scenes vids, or clips of previous work

    Some tips on organizing in advance of your campaign here.

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Thanks for doing this, @JulieK. This was super helpful!

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Friends, if you leave questions here, I’ll come back and answer as soon as I can. And you can ALWAYS reach me with questions about crowdfunding or distro on S&S at or on twitter: @kingisafink.

More on crowdfunding with S&S.
More on distributing with S&S.

Thank you for playing today. Now…GO MAKE SOME GREAT SERIES!

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Bad news: I’m hooked. :slight_smile:

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@JulieK THANK YOU so much for this! Such helpful, informative answers!

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Thanks for coming in and giving us your time. I didn’t have any questions, but I was still absorbing the information and it was helpful. Thanks!

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Thanks Julie! Great answer, you rock :slight_smile:

One of the series I’ve worked with just went live on your platform (Livin’ The Dream) and I’ve found the site to be quite well done.

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Oh my gosh…we were SO PSYCHED to get a chance to work with the Livin’ the Dream team! Thanks for the kind words, and don’t be shy to reach out with suggestions for improvement. We value your input.

Anything S&S can do for SR, we’re here!

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Hey, thanks! You think of questions later, I’ll be here. :slight_smile:

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That is kind of why I have stayed away from S&S for now. I am not really sure how to answer that question. Most of my stories good bad or in diffierent, have been mostly white leads. Some female some male. I’m a white,hetersual woman. So, I have found myswelf writing white, hetersexual characters.I’m trying to do better and write diverse characters but it isn’t really clear what you expect from that answer. It should be okay that I write white, straight characters. Just like it should be okay if my characters are the gay or a different race. I am trying to write more diverse characters. But those are the characters I write best.

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Hi, Evie! We’re encouraging of inclusive stories in an expansive way. Inclusivity doesn’t only pertain to sexual orientation, gender expression or race: we aim to support filmmakers who are trying to tell a different story from the ones we’ve seen over and over, and this means putting your own unique spin in there. Inclusion, for us, isn’t exclusive to white, heterosexual women or men. And we can’t wait to hear what’s unique about YOUR project.