Seeking community Qs for the podcast!

(Stareable) #1

Not that we’ve been subtle, but hey, Stareable’s doing a podcast! Right now we’re seeking community questions on the following subjects:

1. Pre-pre-production (the development process for web series and how to figure out if you can actually pull this dang thing off)
2. Crowdfunding
3. Building an indie crew

UPDATE: Now seeking questions specifically about building your crew/what crew members do/general production questions

Leave your questions, vague or specific, below!

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(Meg Carroway) #2

Omg I can’t wait!!!


What do you need to learn before you start your series if you’ve never made a film before?

How do you get people excited about giving you money before you have made anything?

What is the minimum required crew for a web series? Or does it depend on something?

(Ron Valderrama) #3

I always like hearing @Alex_LeMay talk. Especially regarding pre-selling and funding.

(Bri Castellini) #4

Perhaps it is in the cards… * raises eyebrows suggestively *

In the meantime, any questions you can think of that a filmmaker would want to know about the topics laid out?

(Herman Wang) #5

Seems like there’s some interest surrounding web festivals and how networking can help your series out.

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(Ron Valderrama) #6

The most value would just be constantly talking about good “hacks”. Like “how to shoot cinematic footage from an iPhone” or “how I got 10,000 organic views on my trailer”. I always love that type of information. I think product reviews would be awesome too. Like I am looking at Smove vs DJI Osmo comparisons this morning.

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(Bri Castellini) #7

What about on these topics (the ones relating to episodes I’m prepping/recording at the moment)?

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(William E. Spear) #8

@Bri_Castellini - How would a writer build an indie crew from scratch? What attracts a crew? What does a crew look for in indie opportunities? Thanks.

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(Ron Valderrama) #9

I am just so over crowdfunding. I mean I love the concept and it’s obviously valuable but I get hit up to donate like 5 times a month. I think an interesting viewpoint to look at would be how to plan for crowdfunding fatigue.

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(Bri Castellini) #10

Crowdfunding fatigue is a great topic! I’ll be sure to add it to my list :slight_smile:

(Pablo Andreu) #11

I might’ve missed the window, but it would be interesting to get tips on how to write, re-write, edit to fit your budget/updated budget without compromising the foundation of your story.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #12

How do you attract sponsors?

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(Chris Hadley) #13

During the writing process, how do you decide on the right flaw(s) for your characters?

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(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #14

All about SEO and how it can help position a project on YouTube.

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(Bri Castellini) #15

and @filmwritr4 What about questions about crowdfunding?

(Chris Hadley) #16

@Bri_Castellini Trying to think of one, but nothing’s coming to me at the moment…

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(Chris Hadley) #17

@Bri_Castellini I do have one production-related question: what are some of the best ways to efficiently coordinate a web series when your cast is spread out across the country (as mine is for The Late, Late News)? I would love to learn from you guys about this.

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(Alex Le May) #18

Very Kind of you, Brother! Hope you’re well!

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