Seeking podcast Qs for episode with Sundance's Creative Distribution Initiative!

(Stareable) #1

We’ll be speaking with Liz Manashil and Jess Fuselier, managers of Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative, so we’re looking for community questions on everything from:

  • The important analytics and data and how to make finding that information less boring
  • Case studies of other successful self-releasers
  • What online platforms are best for indie content
  • How to design a unique marketing plan for your premiere

and more!

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(Stareable) #2

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(Alicia Carroll) #3

Love this topic! I think something that could benefit creators still in development is what can we do on a conservative budget that gives our projects the best shot at distribution after the show is made? Is it putting as much of the money on screen as possible? Attachments? Pre-existing audience? With platforms shutting down left and right, i think the landing zone for digital series is getting smaller and smaller. Youtube/vimeo are always options, but with the high volume of content it can sometimes be hard to get noticed on those platforms.

(Chris Hadley) #4

What strategies would you suggest for getting media attention for your series, especially if it’s an indie project w/no studio and/or network backing? What sites/publications should you reach out to?

(Bri Castellini) #5

Anyone else have questions about self release and how to take your destiny in your own hands? Recording this episode tomorrow!

(Steve O'Reilly) #6

What’s the best way to pull people in that are interested in the analytics or PR aspect of the process as an independent maker?
Is there a resource to find these people?
Is there a best “practices” in terms of identifying these people? (ie Going through a school or Fiverr or whatever)
What 's the best way to find representation from your project? (sending a Trailer? Awards? Links to the series?)

(Bri Castellini) #7

Do you mean getting an agent? That’s not really the topic of this episode but this week’s episode with Jeremy Redleaf and a future one with UTA’s Brent Weinstein will :slight_smile:

(Ralph Michael Brekan) #8

Storytelling: new technology means nothing without a good story.

(Ralph Michael Brekan) #9

How does the low budget filmmaker compete with the large distributor P&A budgets, when promoting our independent releases?

(Bri Castellini) #10