Seeking podcast Qs for Jack Ferry (Producer: New Form Digital, Grace Helbig podcast, more)

(Stareable) #1

We’ll be interviewing Jack Ferry for Forget The Box next week, and as always, we need your questions! We’re talking to Jack about networking and the changes to the internet-first entertainment world over the past few years. Questions can be about:

  • What it’s like to work for MCNs (My Damn Channel) and the pros/cons
  • What recent digital video company shutdowns mean for creator opportunities in short form content
  • How to meet people in and outside of LA
  • How to network online without being labeled as creepy
  • Anything else!

(Stareable) #2


(Evie Marie Warner) #3

I nerwork online by keeping an eye out for people posting about projects i might be interested in. Thid way im not intruding and after i enquire about how i can help then the ball is in their court. So i think i would be interested in hearing more about what i could be doing.

(Evie Marie Warner) #4

What kind of projects does he look for when looking to network?

(Bri Castellini) #5

Recording this today- any more questions about networking or the digital video industry?

(Meg Carroway) #6

How do you know what networking events are worth it and which are just meeting people at your own level (and thus not very useful in getting you moving up)?

Also is there a way to network with people more successful than you online without being a crazy fan? Because I’ve been thinking about it and it doesn’t seem possible

(Amanda Taylor) #7

I absolutely love networking and making new friends BUT I have definitely found that online connections equal very little for me. What’s your opinion about social networking online versus IRL and how it can benefit you in terms of actually Doing The Thing. (ie: finding cast and crew, being on-set - not the marketing aftermath)

(Ollie R) #8

Do you have advice about the actual act of networking in person as someone who doesn’t know anyone/ is socially awkward? Advice that isn’t just “suck it up?”