Seeking podcast Qs for Yulin Kuang! (I Ship It, Kissing In The Rain, so many other things)

(Stareable) #1

Yulin Kuang will be our guest for an upcoming Forget The Box podcast where she’ll talk about directing and running your set. Do you have Qs about that topic or about Yulin’s past work? Leave them in this thread and we might ask her “on air”!

(Bri Castellini) #2

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(Meg Carroway) #3

What’s your opinion on line readings? Do you have any tips for writer/directors who hear their own lines in their head to communicate that to actors without a line reading?

(Hailey Harper) #4

Hi Yulin!!! Do you have any advice for newbie directors who don’t know a lot about the technical stuff?

(Sunny Larkson) #5

Are you still involved in Shipwrecked Comedy? What are you working on right now that’s not I Ship It Season 2 (and when is that coming out?!?!)

(Amanda Taylor) #6

Is web series and web based content your goal - do you want to improve and work within that medium OR are you aiming to get to a traditional television show someday?

Do you prefer short films/one-offs or series?

(Joseph Steven Heath) #7

What was it like working with a crew for the first time? How has that changed as you’ve done more things?

(Antora Majumdar) #8

Do you feel that being able to direct what you’ve written informs your writing? Does it change anything about the way you work on a script knowing you’ll be the one to direct it?