Seeking podcast Qs: how to get an agent!

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Seeking questions about getting an agent!

Our guest for this episode is Jeremy Redleaf, who won a Streamy Award for his web series, got it optioned by TV, and got an agent as a result. Put your questions in the thread about him, his journey, agents, and anything in between!

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Great expertise and perfect timing! So there’s not much info about representation (for writers/directors) on the Internet but I’ve been advised by “higher ups” in the industry to get one. My question is the following:

1.) How do you find an agent? Is it a ‘they find you’ situation or do you have to ‘pay to play’ like on IMDb to get contact info? What is the best avenue?

(Alicia Carroll) #4

i am definitely curious about the process of getting it optioned for tv - I am wondering what the timeline was? I pitched out our project over the summer, unrepresented. And I wonder if i go to the deal stage, what to do if I cross that bridge. I’d also be curious if he worked with agents specifically for the digital space, which some agencies have, or more traditional Lit agents :slight_smile:


(Pablo Andreu) #5

Hey Jeremy, you landed representation after getting recognition. Do you think that’s the way to go? In other words, do you think it benefits indie web creators to actively seek representation, or should we focus on building an audience and earning some accolades, which will attract the attention of agents, as happened with you? If the former, at what point do you think should we seek representation?

(Susanne Morris) #6

As a writer who is looking to get representation or get pulled into the writing staff of a production company, what do you think are the most important steps? For example, is it to craft a great spec script, produce your own work to get noticed (much like yourself or Issa Rae in Insecure), or to create your own series bible/pilot for an agent to read?

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Also, once you do get noticed and are in the process of securing an agent, how do you know if they are legitimate and safe?

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I really like to know this topic. Been thinking quite some time by now.

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Do you have any specific questions you’d like us to ask?