Seeking Qs for Kaitlyn Alexander podcast interview! (Couple-ish, Carmilla, and more)

(Stareable) #1

We’ll be speaking with the massively multi-talented Kaitlyn Alexander next week for the Forget The Box podcast! The topic will be How To Be (Or Not To Be) Everything To Everyone, so we’re looking for community questions on everything from:

  • how to be a public figure
  • navigating fandom
  • holding multiple roles on set (writer, actor, director, producer, etc)
  • multitasking
  • communicating with an audience
  • burn out and how to combat it
  • Kaitlyn’s experiences on their own show, on Carmilla, etc

And remember to catch up on season 1 of the podcast on: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify!

(Susanne Morris) #2

One problem that I have been currently trying to navigate myself, throughout my own web-series creation process, is wearing lots of hats (or even too many). What is some advice you would give to new web-series creators that find themselves taking on multiple roles in production, some of which are first time experiences?

(Meg Carroway) #3


Ok questions:

  • When did you start to feel like you went from “person in a show” to “person strangers recognized and cared about the opinions of”? What was that transition like?
  • Have you changed anything about the way you engage with online spaces since becoming more of a public figure? Word choice, topic choice, amount of personal information, etc?
  • How do you balance being in charge and also being a performer in your own show? Was that weird?

HUGE fan, so excited to hear from you!!

(Bri Castellini) #4


(Emma Drewry) #5

How was marketing for Couple-ish? Obviously they already had fans from Carmilla, but they’re very different shows, so I’d imagine that was a fairly tough bridge to gap even with the head start from Carmilla.

(Jaime Lancaster) #6

How have you navigated being a writer AND actor? Is there ever a moment where you just need to do one or the other? Is it weird for other actors, like from a power imbalance friend/boss situation?

(Bri Castellini) #7

Got another day or two to get questions in! C’mon, I know you folks have multitasking questions! @hiamandataylor? @ghettonerdgirl? @filmwritr4?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #8

Hi Kaitlyn!

How often do you communicate with your audience and what are some tips you can give us to have a healthy relationship with ours?

What do you do when you find you’re burnt out but still need to be productive?

(Emma Drewry) #9

Not a specific question, but any insights on targeting the queer audience are always appreciated :slight_smile: Got a very gay audience lmao

(Chris Hadley) #10

From your experience, how do you try to make time to perform multiple roles in a web series production (writer/producer), while also having to make time for unrelated work (i.e. any day job you have)?

(Chris Hadley) #11

Also, what strategies do you have for successfully managing the time you do have to work on a web series vs. time for unrelated work? How do you even strike a balance between the two?

(Bri Castellini) #12

Not to answer for them, but my suspicion is “you don’t” :joy: :sob:

(Chris Hadley) #13


(Amanda Taylor) #14

I would love to hear about this - specifically about being an actor when you’re also in charge of the creative direction! HOW TO NAVIGATE!