Seeking Qs for podcast with UTA's Brent Weinstein!

(Stareable) #1

We’ll be speaking with Brent Weinstein, the Chief Innovation Officer at United Talent Agency, so we’re looking for community questions on everything from:

  • How agents find new clients/what stands out to them
  • Making a career in the digital industry (like, a real one)
  • What the constant shuttering of short form digital streaming platforms like Go90 and Super Deluxe means for creators like us
  • How to make your content stand out online

and more!

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(Stareable) #2

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(Alicia Carroll) #3

This is long-winded, but a question I’ve been wrestling with is, for those of us that came up consuming and creating digital content, the flexibility in format and process comes naturally…but when crossing over into pitching or working with people on the more “traditional” side of content, even if they are a “digital company” it’s hard to reconcile our two definitions of the format. It is a business, but it’s also a community that values innovation. How would you recommend that newer creators coming from outside the traditional TV/Features system bridge the gap between their digital-based vision, and the more traditional risk-averse formats that are sometimes imposed on creators to provide a higher return on a project. For example, some digital companies will only produce short-form content that will be packaged as a feature abroad, etc.

(Emma Drewry) #4

What do you look for in creators who pitch themselves to you? How do you make yourself findable?

(Steve O'Reilly) #5

Do you gravitate towards a client’s existing work (show/series) or their pitch deck portfolio of potential work ideas? If you haven’t made anything, would you ever sign a client based on potential? What’s the best thing a client can do to help you help them? I’ve always been told “agents will find you” not the other way around. Is that still true in today’s market with so much content and so many people vying for attention?

(Chris Hadley) #6

In terms of content, would it be best to have multiple web series online at the same time - or would it be suitable to have one produced web series, plus a portfolio of potential future show concepts?

(Susanne Morris) #7

What is the general consensus on having creators send you spec scripts, or pitching you ideas? Is it better for creators to approach agents/managers or is it better to have your work be found through other avenues?

(Bri Castellini) #8

I’ll probably add “and what are those other avenues?” Great Q!

(Steven Bucky Butler) #9

I have few quick questions. What makes a query letter stand out in your eyes? Are query letters the best way to get my work out there? Can one agent represent a talent who’s both a writer and an actor? What kind of digital creators do you represent? Can you include your acting resume with a query letter? Lastly I’ve included a link to my YouTube channel so you can see my work for yourself. Thank you for your time.

(Bri Castellini) #10

Hi Bucky- just popping in here to clarify that this is a thread to get questions for the podcast I’m doing with Mr. Weinstein. I won’t be passing along anyone’s portfolio or YouTube channels, to him or any of our other guests.

(Steven Bucky Butler) #11

Sorry, my bad. Ignoring the YouTube link are my questions in the thread still able to be answered?

(Bri Castellini) #12

If we have time! If you’ve listened to other episodes you know we answer quite a few community questions when we have them.

(Ralph Michael Brekan) #13

How is Innovation cooperating with Eric Roth at Fine Arts to utilize vanguard and maverick creators?