Seeking recommendations for ensemble comedy web series

I remember seeing a comedy series about paramedics at a fest not too long ago. I’ll try to dredge up the name from my memory.

Save Me? Not available in the US sadly so I can’t show her!

It was Canadian as far as I remember

Yeah it’s likely Save Me- great series, only avail in Canada

Ah yes, I was mis-finding the British series of the same name

Theatre People is sort of workplace comedy. It’s definitely ensemble.


oo good call

Sexy Herpes is workplace ensemble and vaguely medical

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Big Law

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Do you have a link?

Arrrgh, the poor A-W kerning in their logo makes my eyes hurt

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Oh wow. I wonder if that’s a mistake or if they did that on purpose?

Emma Approved is workplace comedy and romcom, but probably a different vibe than EMTs. i’d maybe look for some cop comedies? that might have a similar vibe. It’s been a second since I’ve had time to watch anything so I can’t think of anything off the top of my head

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Non-design-oriented people don’t think that way. They just type in the text box and go with the default kerning.

Yeah and she’s looking to do a non-found-footage show. But good call with cop comedies! I can think of one or two I know

There’s a local (New England) ensemble comedy here called “Paragods”. I’m not a fan of the direction/editing, but there are elements that could be valuable. It’s set up as a “COPS”-style documentary ‘day in the life’ series.

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Ground Rules is a romantic/relatioship comedy web series

However, we kept it to two characters.

British Rationals has a cast of 50+ but it’s voxpops

Hi Bri,

Analysis Paralysis fits these following elements in your description:

  • Romantic Comedy Web Series
  • Ensemble (not workplace) but more like neighborhood and school ground. However, there is one episode focus specifically on job interviews.
  • 5+ recurring characters
  • Each episode is 2-4 minute short and has a unique and quirky sense of humor.
  • Written, Produced & Directed by a group of film students.