Seeking recommendations for ensemble comedy web series

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I will have to take a look at Frank & Lamar. Around what size cast is she looking at?

5+ recurring characters

First thing I thought of was LARPs The Series: YouTube.

Has at least five major characters, including some romcom elements. A very specific kind of humor, but I enjoyed it.

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Is that workplace comedy?

No, sorry, I gravitated more towards the romantic comedy elements you mentioned. There’s a couple workplace scenes in the series, but wouldn’t call it a workplace comedy.

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I remember seeing a comedy series about paramedics at a fest not too long ago. I’ll try to dredge up the name from my memory.

Save Me? Not available in the US sadly so I can’t show her!

It was Canadian as far as I remember

Yeah it’s likely Save Me- great series, only avail in Canada

Ah yes, I was mis-finding the British series of the same name

Theatre People is sort of workplace comedy. It’s definitely ensemble.


oo good call

Sexy Herpes is workplace ensemble and vaguely medical

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Big Law

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Do you have a link?

Arrrgh, the poor A-W kerning in their logo makes my eyes hurt

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Oh wow. I wonder if that’s a mistake or if they did that on purpose?