Seeking recommendations for ensemble comedy web series

Oh wow. I wonder if that’s a mistake or if they did that on purpose?

Emma Approved is workplace comedy and romcom, but probably a different vibe than EMTs. i’d maybe look for some cop comedies? that might have a similar vibe. It’s been a second since I’ve had time to watch anything so I can’t think of anything off the top of my head

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Non-design-oriented people don’t think that way. They just type in the text box and go with the default kerning.

Yeah and she’s looking to do a non-found-footage show. But good call with cop comedies! I can think of one or two I know

There’s a local (New England) ensemble comedy here called “Paragods”. I’m not a fan of the direction/editing, but there are elements that could be valuable. It’s set up as a “COPS”-style documentary ‘day in the life’ series.

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Ground Rules is a romantic/relatioship comedy web series

However, we kept it to two characters.

British Rationals has a cast of 50+ but it’s voxpops

Hi Bri,

Analysis Paralysis fits these following elements in your description:

  • Romantic Comedy Web Series
  • Ensemble (not workplace) but more like neighborhood and school ground. However, there is one episode focus specifically on job interviews.
  • 5+ recurring characters
  • Each episode is 2-4 minute short and has a unique and quirky sense of humor.
  • Written, Produced & Directed by a group of film students.

This might sound like weird advice but maybe good sketch comedy can help her out. Because sketch comedy is performed and written in an ensemble and it’s pretty basic story wise. I’ll include links to three sketch comedy YouTube channels that I think are good lessons for your student. Use these how you will but I feel that one comedy sketch is just as good as one episode of a web series.