Selling Your Indie Film/web series with Amazon Video Direct, is this a good idea?

(Ian David Diaz) #1

Hi everyone, I’m in post with my web series Rebecca Gold and I’ve had a lot of channels asking for me to put up my web series on their channel has anyone had experience with this?

What should one do? I was just going to stick my web series on YouTube

One company has said, “they have a partnership with Amazon and would be able to get Rebecca Gold up on Amazon Prime in the US and UK territory making it available to thousands of people and possible millions as Amazon have 10s and millions of customers who watch Amazon Prime.”

But if I put it on Amazon Prime myself wouldn’t that have the same outcome, or if you’re from the UK and put your film/web series on Amazon does it only play in the UK?

The company has also

said "they offer you 35% of any royalties that Amazon pay them. So, for example, if Amazon paid them £5000 for the quarter, I’ll get £1,750. 35%, is this standard?

According to Amazon - Filmmakers can make their films available to Prime Video subscribers and receive a per-hour royalty fee, Films/shorts or Series can be sold as a subscription through the Streaming Partners Program, Films can be made available for digital rental or purchase, Films can be made available to ALL Amazon customers for free with ads, and filmmaker would receive a 55% share of the ad revenue (exactly as they do on YouTube).

Has anyone had experience with putting up their web series/short/movie on Amazon, is this a good idea?

If anyone has any info on this please let me know, thanks.

(Bri Castellini) #2

@HackettKate and @gmcalpin did this I believe.

(Gordon McAlpin) #3

Yeah, don’t go through a middle man for Amazon unless they’re gonna promote it for you. I put my short on Amazon through Amazon Video Direct, which is free. I’ve also made like $20 from it because of low viewing and low payouts (they cut them in half earlier this year). But that’s still better than the zero dollars I’ve made streaming other things on YouTube.

I’ve considered putting my web series on it too just to have the exposure but haven’t bothered yet.

(Ian David Diaz) #4

Thanks, Gordon, but I wonder why do such companies offer this service when they know creators can do it themselves, what can they offer and do that we alone can’t?

(Kyla) #5

perhaps the process to put things on amazon is tedious-- or perhaps it’s an easy way to take your money if you don’t know that you can put it on there yourself.

(Bri Castellini) #6

From what I’ve heard from others, that seems right on. Actually @Ian_David_Diaz today’s AMA in a few hours is with a filmmaker whose projects are on Amazon that you can ask her about. TODAY: AMA with Kate Hackett (actor, filmmaker, Patreon success story)

(Ian David Diaz) #7

Thanks, Bri.