Series Creator/Show Runner and Digital Studio Executive - Alex LeMay - AMA

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Thanks Alex, and thanks all for stopping by! Find out more about Alex at his website and in our interview with him from yesterday:

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Hi Alex …

I’m a web series creator, and I’ve developed a television show based on a snarky comedy web series from a Latino POV with Henson-like immigrant puppets I started producing in 2007 on YouTube, LosTiteresTV and which I developed for television at the Producers Guild Diversity Workshop.

I’ve written a bible and the pilot, which I’m excited about. I’m calling the TV version, The Señor Loro Show. I have representatives in Hollywood, a manager and an agent, but they are for acting. (

I wonder if you could see how I would go about getting in a room to pitch to studios? Should I convince my acting reps, set up appointments on my own…?

Thank you!
Felix Pire
Hollywood, CA

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Alex’s AMA is technically over (1 hour only!), but he frequents the forums so he’ll answer soon!

(Alex Le May) #44

Hi Felix,

I was only recently was made aware of your question. My apologies for just getting to it now. How is your project going? If this is still something you need, I’m launching a free 4-day mini-course launching Monday that addresses exactly this question in lesson 4 of the course. Sign up for my mailing list before Monday and we’ll get it out to you.

In addition, never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. I owe you that for dropping the ball on this one.