Shameless Self Promo Thread: January 11, 2019

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Need your help here, folks! Having a very difficult time pinpointing a potential audience for my series; it doesn’t easily fit in categories beyond being an animated comedy. I did a very, very narrowly-focused FB ad campaign based on current viewership and did okay CTR-wise, but not actual numbers as it was such a small group. Really stumped here, and any help would be greatly appreciated. The series is here: but you can also get a quick idea of what it’s about from the blog: Many thanks!

BTW - if you do go to the blog, check out the contest (deadline tomorrow Saturday, the 12th, at midnight ET); the winner gets to be part of an upcoming episode!

Thanks again! So grateful to have found this community!


Perhaps this article (and the discussion beneath it) will help? 16 Questions You Need To Answer To Define Your Audience

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Thanks, Bri! I did read that article and used some of the ideas for my pinpointed ad, but I really like the points you make in the comments, pulling the pertinent bits out of the information you were given, using focus and expanding the kernels you pulled from the comment. Going to take another closer look right now!

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Hi all, just another fun VFX reel from my series The Spell Tutor


Cool! Who does your effects?

That’s me, thanks :slight_smile:

I wrote a bunch of “VFX 101” articles on here last year or so

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Nice! I’ll have to check them out!

Rebecca Gold behind the scenes 4

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