Shameless Self Promo Thread: January 18th, 2019

Welcome to our weekly Shameless Self Promo Thread!

In the comments, you are all free to share “Friday Asks,” or specific, actionable things we can all do to help you out.

Format your ask using this template:

*all other comments not using this template will be deleted

  • Ask: [What you want people to help you with]
  • Show name:
  • Link: {episode/trailer/crowdfunding link}
  • Preferred Hashtag: {if applicable}
  • Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options (include your show’s social media links, and make sure to keep character limits in mind):
  • Extras/further info: {if applicable}

Asks can include:

  • subscribing to your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  • following you on social media
  • liking/commenting on a video
  • reviewing your show on Stareable
  • posting on social media about your show or crowdfunding campaign, etc.

You are not obligated to perform every “ask,” but if you’re going to ask something of us, it’s courteous to at least do one or two things for other people. This is a community, after all

  • Ask: Submit your web series, 90 second pitch, or pilot to Stareable Fest!

  • Link:

  • Extras/further info: Earlybird prices end January 31st, so submit soon to take advantage of them! And use StareableCommunity at checkout for an extra discount!

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Yay team Rebecca Gold, we won! And we have an “Official Selection” at the WRPN Women’s International Film Festival. Help us spread the word if you haven’t subscribed please support our tiny award-winning web series. Here’s the link:

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The Demo reel is up on Stareable - look for Deliver Me! in the comedy section.

Snow and ice killed my travel plans, so I spent the day cutting and splicing all seven episodes. Other than audio for a commercial to be added, the show is DONE!

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