Shameless Self Promo Thread- January 5th, 2018

(Stareable) #1

It’s the first Friday of the new year, but we’re absolutely still doing our weekly Shameless Self Promo Thread!

In the comments, you are all free to share “Friday Asks,” or specific, actionable things we can all do to help you out.

Format your ask using this template:

*all other comments not using this template will be deleted

  • Ask: [What you want people to help you with]
  • Show name:
  • Link: {episode/trailer/crowdfunding link}
  • Comment Prompt: [If you’re asking people to comment, enter a prompt to make it easier]
  • Preferred Hashtag: {if applicable}
  • Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options (include your show’s social media links, and make sure to keep character limits in mind):
  • Extras/further info: {if applicable}

Asks can include:

  • subscribing to your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  • following you on social media
  • liking/commenting on a video
  • reviewing your show on Stareable
  • posting on social media about your show or crowdfunding campaign, etc.

The community as a whole will use its discretion to decide which things are appropriate.

You are not obligated to perform every “ask,” but if you’re going to ask something of us, it’s courteous to at least do one or two things for other people. This is a community, after all

(Bri Castellini) #2
  • Ask: Retweet our new episode AND/OR post about the show on Facebook!
  • Show name: Sam and Pat Are Depressed
  • Link:
  • Preferred Hashtag: #SamAndPatAreDepressed
  • Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options: (Click this link to retweet!)
    Facebook pre-written post:

Check out this hilarious dark comedy web series Sam and Pat Are Depressed, from @UndeadBurritoProductions! Depressed roommates Sam and Pat help each other navigate the inherent awkwardness of therapy through profanity, humor, and take out.
Watch the first five episodes exclusively on @SeekaTV here:

(Idgafwebseries) #3

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering if you all could help me promote my web series campaign! The series is called I Don’t Give a F*ck.
This is our indiegogo link
And our twitter:
Hashtag: #idgafwebseries
Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options: Click to retweet!
If you could please help me out by following us on our social media pages and of course liking, sharing, or donating to the campaign I would be incredibly grateful! Thank you!

(Kristal Clear) #4

Ask: Watch our web series trailer! Help us reach our first 1000 views.
Show name: Kristal Clear (
YouTube Link:
Prewritten Tweet option: A new teaser trailer for the upcoming #webseries Kristal Clear has dropped:
Further info: FOLLOW @iikristalii on Twitter and Instagram and LIKE us on Facebook:

(Bri Castellini) #5

You should email your trailer to and we might be able to help you get those views :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #6

RT’d! (and your weekend pitch competition videos will go live in about four hours, fyi!)

(Bri Castellini) #7

Viewed & subbed from two channels!

(Kristal Clear) #8

Will do! Thanks :slight_smile:

(Jessi Almstead) #9

Ask: Subscribe to my channel and/or check out some of my vids! If you like it, please share!
Show name: Kitty and the Questions
Comment Prompt:
Preferred Hashtag: #kittyandthequestions

(Bri Castellini) #10

Subscribed with two channels! Looks fun!

(Ariesforlife Martin) #11

Ask: I would like it if you all can help me spread the word about my new web series. And review our show on Stareable.

Show name: Chapter 2 ‘The Web Series’


Comment Prompt: Comment, Like and Share on your social media

Preferred Hashtag: #chapter2webseries

Prewritten tweet:

Facebook post options:

Extras/further info: Check out this hilarious new web series about a guy names Jonathan. Starting over is never an easy thing to do. So after his breakup with long time partner Kevin, Jonathan finds himself struggling to adjust to life as a single guy. His friends want him to date, his mother wants him to get married (she’s in denial) and have kids but Jonathan just wants to enjoy his new life. But sometimes the past has a way of shining light on a chapter that was thought to be closed forever.

(Bri Castellini) #12

Retweeted! FYI, the “comment prompt” is for if you want people to leave comments on a video. You should give people an idea of what comments to post, either a question that relates to the episode or a question on theme with the episode, that way it’s as easy as possible for people to help you out! The more specific you are, the better!

(Envy Rue) #13

I subscribed please check mine out and sub too.

(Offbeat Webseries) #14

Ask: Watch our first episode!
Show name: OFFBEAT
Comment Prompt: Share on your social media!
Preferred Hashtag: #OFFBEAT
Extras/further info: Follow us on Twitter @offbeatwebshow

(Envy Rue) #15

Congrats. I checked it out, subscribed , followed you on twitter, and shared.

(Envy Rue) #16

This looks fun. I’ve checked it out and will pass it around.

(Offbeat Webseries) #17

Thank you!!