Shameless Self Promo Thread: June 1st, 2018

(Stareable) #1

Welcome to our weekly Shameless Self Promo Thread!

In the comments, you are all free to share “Friday Asks,” or specific, actionable things we can all do to help you out.

Format your ask using this template:

*all other comments not using this template will be deleted

  • Ask: [What you want people to help you with]
  • Show name:
  • Link: {episode/trailer/crowdfunding link}
  • Comment Prompt: [If you’re asking people to comment, enter a prompt to make it easier]
  • Preferred Hashtag: {if applicable}
  • Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options (include your show’s social media links, and make sure to keep character limits in mind):
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Asks can include:

  • subscribing to your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  • following you on social media
  • liking/commenting on a video
  • reviewing your show on Stareable
  • posting on social media about your show or crowdfunding campaign, etc.

The community as a whole will use its discretion to decide which things are appropriate.

You are not obligated to perform every “ask,” but if you’re going to ask something of us, it’s courteous to at least do one or two things for other people. This is a community, after all

(Kristal Clear) #2

Kristal Clear has been selected as part of the New York Television Festival’s 2018 Independent Pilot Competition! July 13-20 in Manhattan.

ASK: Please support us by giving us our trailer a THUMBS UP on the NYTVF youtube page!
SHOW NAME: Kristal Clear
COMMENT PROMPT: Looks great! So excited for this! Can’t wait to watch more!

(Ian David Diaz) #3

Wow, this page is a bit quiet, anyway, I have just finished production on my web series Rebecca Gold, it took me a year, shooting over weekends, working around people’s work commitments and my day job all for a five-part, five-minute web series. I’m hoping to release it in July.

A question: Is YouTube/Vimeo the best place to screen it? What is the best thing to do with a web series, do I try to find a distributor?

Show Name: Rebecca Gold
Link: We’d really appreciate it if you’d click and subscribe:
Link: Please watch our 30 SECOND TRAILER:

LOGLINE: A wisecracking assassin goes rogue in order to protect her high school crush from being murdered after witnessing a bloody hit.


SUB-GENRE: Black Comedy.
Rebecca is smart, geeky, savvy and brave. She is a virtual encyclopedia of geekiness whether it is comics, television, movies, or superheroes. To put it simply, Rebecca is the voice of the niche audience we are trying to attract. If you’re a movie/TV geek then you’ll love this, and if you’re not you’ll still love it.