Shameless Self Promo Thread: May 24th, 2019

(Stareable) #1

Welcome to our weekly Shameless Self Promo Thread!

In the comments, you are all free to share “Friday Asks,” or specific, actionable things we can all do to help you out.

Format your ask using this template:

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  • Ask: [What you want people to help you with]
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  • Link: {episode/trailer/crowdfunding link}
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Asks can include:

  • subscribing to your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  • following you on social media
  • liking/commenting on a video
  • reviewing your show on Stareable
  • posting on social media about your show or crowdfunding campaign, etc.

You are not obligated to perform every “ask,” but if you’re going to ask something of us, it’s courteous to at least do one or two things for other people. This is a community, after all

(Arthur Vincie) #2

ASK: If you’re in Dutchess County/Hudson Valley near Millbrook, I’ll be at a screening/panel discussion featuring “Three Trembling Cities,” called “Everyone Welcome,” about immigrant rights, immigration issues and overcoming prejudice.

WHEN: Thursday, May 30th, 4:30pm
WHERE: Millbrook Public Library, 3 Friendly Lane, Millbrook, NY
WHO: I’ll be on a panel with:
Abby Nathanson & Evelyn Garzetta, Grace Episcopal Church Immigrant Outreach
Gabriela Owen, Community organizer & advocate for the Dutchess County Latino Community
Estefany Umbach, Immigrant Community Navigator for Catholic Services & NYS Office for New Americans

It’s free and open to the public.

Thank you!

(Ian David Diaz) #3

Rebecca Gold left Cannes and went home with a Best Action Web Series award.

Please, Sub:

Watch Rebecca Gold

London International Motion Pictures Awards (LIMPA), we have been nominated for the following:

And finally, here’s a podcast Katie Sheridan and I did on Ian O’Neil’s show, How they did it, Filmmaking. Enjoy!

Take a listen

(Ian David Diaz) #4

So we were at the L.I.M.P.A awards yesterday evening, we were up for 3 awards, didn’t win any but won second best Web Series award - yay! Well done team Rebecca Gold! We are grateful.

The Winners

(Herman Wang) #5

The latest episode of the ViewFinder podcast (link below), where I talk about my just-completed series The Spell Tutor and my upcoming series project Illuminagents