Shameless Self Promo Thread- November 17th, 2017

(Kyla) #21

subscribed! :slight_smile:

(Pablo Andreu) #22

Just subscribed. Looks like I was 103. Now you’re just doing a victory lap!

(Kyla) #23

thanks so much!!

(Bri Castellini) #24

Y’all this thread is heartwarming as hell right now.

(Kyla) #25

thank you!!

(Kyla) #26

subscribed & made a note in my planner to start watching this weekend!

(Pablo Andreu) #27

Just tweeted you from @StrayShow. Good luck!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #28


(Darek Kowal) #29

Thank you all for your help! We’re 2 away from 100 subscribers!

(Stareable) #30

The power of COMMUNITY!

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(Kyla) #32

thanks so much!!

(Misha Aziz) #33

Ask: Please subscribe to our youtube channel! We are about to get a few write ups in LGBTQ publications about our LGBTQ web sketches. However, we have been trying to increase our subscribers as much as possible beforehand.
Showname: Chosen Fam
Extras: Please feel free to like any of the videos!
Have a great day!! :grinning:

(Misha Aziz) #34

subscribed :slight_smile:

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Done :slight_smile:

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Subscribed! :slight_smile:

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followed! :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in Cross Promoting webseries?