Shameless self promo thread!

(Bri Castellini) #1

Hey guys! As so often happens, we all got an idea during #WebSeriesChat this week- what if we as a community actually got organized and started efficiently laying framework to better support each other?

Every Friday from now on, I’m going to be posting a shameless self promo thread, and in the comments, you are all free to share “Friday Asks,” or specific, actionable things we can all do to help you out. Asks can include:

  • subscribing to your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  • following you on social media
  • liking/commenting on a video
  • reviewing your show on Stareable
  • posting on social media about your show or crowdfunding campaign, etc.

The community as a whole will use its discretion to decide which things are appropriate.

You are not obligated to perform every “ask,” but if you’re going to ask something of us, it’s courteous to at least do one or two things for other people. This is a community, after all

Format your ask using this template:

*all other comments not using this template will be deleted

  • Ask: [What you want people to help you with]
  • Show name:
  • Link: {episode/trailer/crowdfunding link}
  • Comment Prompt: [If you’re asking people to comment, enter a prompt to make it easier]
  • Preferred Hashtag: {if applicable}
  • Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options (include your show’s social media links, and make sure to keep character limits in mind):
  • Extras/further info: {if applicable}

Wanna follow one another on Twitter and IG?
(Bri Castellini) #2


Ask: Follow ‘The Mother Lode’ and ‘Stray’ on Seed&Spark!
Show name: ‘The Mother Lode’ and 'Stray’
Link: ‘The Mother Lode’: and ‘Stray’:
Comment Prompt: N/A
Preferred Hashtag: N/A
Prewritten tweet/Facebook post options (if you’re so inclined!):

Join @MotherLodeShow, a comedy web series about #motherhood and #grief, by supporting their @seedandspark campaign!

Join @StrayShow, a comedy web series about #bromance and #masculinity, by supporting their @seedandspark campaign!

Extras/further info: Of course, if you want to donate, that would be DOPE, but if that’s not your jam, clicking “follow” on both of those projects will help us get discounts on production stuff like equipment rentals and insurance!

Photos if you want to spice up your social media posts:

(Kate Hackett) #3

Ask: Follows, RTs, etc. - especially for
Show name: Assorted
Link: (@hackettkate IG & Twitter)
Comment Prompt: IDK, but basically you’re helping an artist survive - that’s the haps!

(Melissa Malone) #4

Ask: Follow Or So the Story Goes on social media (FB, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat… whatever you prefer!)

Show name: Or So the Story Goes

Link: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (this one is new and I’m too old to understand it but our teen AD is in charge thankfully)

Extras/further info: Thank you in advance!

(Kate Hackett) #5

Yeah I didn’t say thank you.


I’ve been having a shitty two days so it’s really nice to see all the support :smiley:

(Evie Marie Warner) #6

Ask: Please follow me on either instagram and Twitter or both!

Show: Detectives, Inc, (pre-production)
Comment Prompt: N/A
Preferred Hashtag: N/A
Prewitten tweet/ Facebook post options N/A
My Twitter:
Extras/further info:Unless an account appears to be posting questionable content, or is set to private, I tend to follow anyone who follows me. I hope to get my IG up to 1,000 by the end of the year. Also people voted on some a logo for the web series that I will be revealing on Saturday (11/4)

(Bri Castellini) #7

Remember everyone- if you’re gonna ask, please help out at least one other person! This is a community effort- we all succeed TOGETHER! :slight_smile:

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #8

Ask: Please, follow me on Twitter or Instagram ( or both )
Show: Spiders in the Night (Pilot) Ligeia the Vampire (online soon weekly)
Comment Prompt: N/A Preferred Hashtag: N/A Prewitten tweet/ Facebook post options N/A
My Twitter:

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #9

Ask: Watch my latest episode on YouTube and if you’re feeling extra about it feel free to subscribe!
Show name: Ghetto Nerd Girl
Hashtag: n/a
Tweet/Facebook options: n/a
Extras: n/a

I checked out this list. I already follow @HackettKate and @OSTSG on social media. I believe I RTed something of Bri’s from Motherlode’s campaign.@RDRICCI I just started following you! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Teamwork! Thanks!

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #10

Thank you! I just followed you (and everyone else) in the Social Networks!

(Evie Marie Warner) #11

@ghettonerdgirl watching and subscribed. It is really funny in some parts and the sister made me mad! Great job!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #12

Omg thanks for the love!!! You made my day! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes:

(Evie Marie Warner) #13

You are most welcome! But that half-sister better get her a$$ thrown in jail for being so abusive or I’m gonna be really pissed! j/k lol

(Jonathan Hardesty) #14

Subscribed on YT, followed on twitter, and liked on YT (which auto posted out a link to the video on my feed). (It’s my FlagonSeries account). Followed on my personal account, too!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #15

Just followed on twitter and instagram from my show account Flagon.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #16

Gave a shoutout to your patreon and twitter through the Flagon account! Cheers!

(Bri Castellini) #17

I don’t know why we didn’t just do this in the forum in the first place. I might be an idiot? But shhhhh don’t tell my boss

(Jonathan Hardesty) #18

Followed via twitter and instagram via my show account! Cheers.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #19

Well, this will get unwieldy at some point, so hopefully we can all keep track. Isn’t there a way to like mark these asks as a different color or something?

(Bri Castellini) #20

I’m gonna make a new thread every week so we start fresh.