Short film being posted to facebook. Not sure which options are the best

(Evie Marie Warner) #1

Facebook has many different options when posting videos now to facebook. The video that will contain a link to the full version on amazon prime, either vimeo or youtube. I thought of clicking on premiere status but it doesn’t seem to let me schedule it out far enough in advance. I can do it longer in advance with just the normal schedulign which gives me longer to promote the film on social media. I can also just save it as a draft like have it it now, continue to spread the word on social media and do the premiere status option it gives me. What I don’t know is, do any of you film that you for some reason get more views with one than the other? Or do you think it is about the same?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #2

When it comes to short works, I notice that the views are more on FB than YT. I upload on both directly for that reason.

(Evie Marie Warner) #3

My short film has a scene that is NSFW and i can get away with uploading the second scene to facebook but not the first scene. If people want to go amazon or youtube and see the assault scene (there is no nudity) they can. But on facebook it will likely get flagged.

(Kate Hackett) #4

The FB view count is doctored and very funky; it basically lies. I could not tell you why they do that but I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into their numbers.

(Phillip Lewis ) #5

I would try ig tv if possible