Smart Phone, Laptop or TV Screen?

(Ian David Diaz) #1

Hi, Gang was just wondering how people watch their content nowadays, it seems that young adults prefer their laptops and smartphones, web content is growing & increasing by the second, whether produced by professionals or amateurs offering more choices. I’ve read that 18 to 34-year-olds prefer to watch shows/vlogs on their laptops, smartphones or tablets, rather than a TV. They’ll watch a full-length film on their tablets in bed and movies and other content on their phones on the go. With the above in mind should this make a difference in the way we make our content?

As for me, I’m first and foremost a movie maker and would never make something that doesn’t stand up to all formats, but that’s just me. For instants, I would never shoot a show or movie on my smartphone, I’m old school when it comes to filmmaking, I know a lot of people do these days I guess because of costs, hell even Steven Soderbergh shot an entire movie on an iPhone! It didn’t look good as far as I was concerned, the movie was cool but the look of the film to me was off-putting. Anyway, answers on a postcard LOL! Yep hardly anyone does that these days :slight_smile:

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(Arthur Vincie) #2

I skipped the 5.1 sound mix for “Three Trembling Cities,” partially for budget reasons, and partially because I figured most people would be listening on headphones or on a stereo system. We also mixed a tiny bit of 1080 scenic footage in with the 4K material, which I figured we could get away with (we mastered & corrected in 4K then downrezzed to 1080 for delivery). You’d have to look close to tell the difference.

We decided on 4K origination from the get go. We shot the nonfiction segments on the Sony A7s1 to an external recorder (that model couldn’t shoot to 4K internally), so we got ProRes 422 footage from the jump. By the time we shot everything else, Ben, our DP, had bought a Sony A7sII, which shoots and stores 4K internally, compressed via H.264. I transcoded the material to ProRes 422 using EditReady.

If we were shooting a theatrical feature we might have considered renting an external recorder throughout. But honestly I can’t tell the difference between the 1st gen ProRes material and the transcoded ProRes material.

I think other departments - hair/makeup, costume, production design - still need to be on point regardless. I think graphic/title design changes a bit, though. I spent a lot of time looking at the opening and closing credits on different screens. That’s why they’re so damn big (especially the title) and we decided on end credit cards rather than a crawl. Crawls become almost illegible on a phone unless you’re holding it up to your nose.

All that said I still watch the bulk of my fiction content on our TV at home. It’s hooked up to a PC so we stream stuff or watch DVDs.

(Ian David Diaz) #3

Yeah, I never watch movies on my phone or my laptop, I only watch it on my TV or the Cinema, I agree with everything you’ve said - I guess once you’ve figured out where it’s going you make a judgment call on everything. But I decided to treat my shoot just like a feature shoot so it could still look good on a big screen. Mind you we didn’t have much money and we did shoot on 1080p, not in 4k. Thanks for your feedback Avincie.

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