Sound questions

(Evie Marie Warner) #1

Do u think i an setting the gain on my sound to low? I put it so the bars in premiere dont go higher then whar i guess is -18 mucher than that and it starts to get i tje red zone. However, someone always telk me it is too low. Are they just hard of hearing?? Thanks! Sorry if getting double tagged but it doesnt appear that the post is getting shared when push the share button on my phone. Let me know if the sound inst loud enough.

(Herman Wang) #2

Compared to my own content, it is noticeably lower.

The “red zone” isn’t necessarily a problem if the meter is in Peak Mode. Momentary hits of red are fine, it’s sustained red activity that will lead to distortion.

(Evie Marie Warner) #3

Whwt do you mean by peak mode? I just dont seem to understand what the best level is for my audio. I have to listen to it on a head set and doesnt sound good to me if i raise it any higher.

(Herman Wang) #4

In what way does it not sound good? It might be a problem that’s better fixed some way other than volume.

(Evie Marie Warner) #5

Some timed you can hear noises I cant seem to get rid of in adobe audition like static. And it seems loud to me if it goes mch over 18. But ill export another sample when i get home.

(Evie Marie Warner) #6

When i listen on my headset i have the volume at about 30. So i guesd i need to lower it to get a bettet idea of how it sounds.

(Herman Wang) #7

Always helps to compare against other content too

(Evie Marie Warner) #8

@hermdelica Here is another shot at increasing the gain.

(Herman Wang) #9

This seems more like it’s in the right ballpark.

You might also benefit from using a low-cut filter to remove everything below 250Hz or so. It’ll make the sound less muddy.

(Evie Marie Warner) #10

Ive never seen a filter like that. It is in audition or premiere? Or i have to click on things to set it to do that?

(Herman Wang) #11

I don’t know Adobe products, but it would be Audition since it’s audio processing.

Something like this: YouTube

(Evie Marie Warner) #12

Thanks I’m still learning how all those different things to click on and some times I don’t even know for sure what to google.

(Evie Marie Warner) #13

@hermdelica if you think this is any better soundwise I am shocked. I followed the videos instructions but feel really discourage . It actually even took me several hours to do in part b/c Adobe crashes on me alot. It is something I have dealt with for several years and even getting a more powerful computer never really solved my problems very well. Dells, for my experience anyway, are lousy laptops for editing. I researched quite some time b/f getting myh Precision M 4800 and get it personalized with what was suppose to be the graphics, etc. But it has been really bad lately sigh…I would love making movies tons more if I was also not doing the editing. shrugs

(Herman Wang) #14

It doesn’t sound any different to me, but if you’re having crashing problems something might not be going in correctly. I can put together a short example of a low cut using my own footage when I get home.

For what it’s worth all my work is done on a Dell (but using Sony Vegas Pro, not Adobe products). It can be crashy on occasion, but mostly it works pretty well for me.

(Evie Marie Warner) #15

I dont want you going thru the teouble of doimf tgst video. The crashing has nothing to do with it not sounding correct. It is never going to sound better unless i come up with the money for someone else to do it. Ive been trying to master editing auding for about five years.