Stareable Fest 2019 Roll Call!

(Bri Castellini) #1

Who’s coming to Stareable Fest 2019?!

July 19th-21st, Brooklyn, NYC


(use discount code WebSeriesFriends for 20% off!)

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(Pablo Andreu) #2

Definitely going to try to make it.

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(Arthur Vincie) #3

Daria and I will be there!

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(Amen J.) #4

I’ve recommended it to a friend who will be in town then. I wish I could come, but I will be in NYC a few days after!

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(Herman Wang) #5

I have the fest fatigue after TOWebFest this past weekend. Have a good one!

(Anthony López) #6

I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.

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(Kevin Longa) #7

I’ll be there!

My international food documentary series, TASTE, will be screening tomorrow (Sat, July 20th) at 9:45am as part of Stareable Fest’s Non-Fiction lineup. Come join!

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