Stareable NYC Job Roundup: February 28th

(Stareable) #1

Do you have a project to hire for?

Have you seen a job posting that might be relevant to your fellow creatives in this forum?

Post with the below format!

Job: [Thing you/the posting is hiring for. Ex: Actress 20-30, any ethnicity OR Social Media Intern, etc etc]
Compensation: Paid/unpaid
Link to posting: [add link if it’s to an external job listing]
Contact: [contact details if you know them or if the contact is you!]
Other details: [other important details]

Right now we’re just doing a weekly roundup in NYC, but if you want to start a thread for your area, go ahead!

All additions to this post without proper formatting will be deleted if not fixed

Our weekly finds:

Job: HBO Executive Assistant, Film Programming (Fixed Term)
Compensation: Paid
Link to posting:

Job: Production Coordinator, The DoDo
Compensation: Paid
Link to posting:

Job: Client-Facing Associate Producer
Compensation: Paid
Link to posting:

Found anything else? Share with the community!