Stock Footage of Old News Reports?

This may have been asked before but I couldn’t find the thread. Does anyone know how to get permission to use past anchor reports or stock footage of news that won’t break the bank? Or would it just be easier to fake it and make my own?

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Personally, I would make my own, but it depends on what news story you want to fake.

I believe @OSTSG has done fake news reports in their series.

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Yeah I would say make your own would likely be best if stock libraries aren’t cost effective. Do you need to be able to hear what they’re saying or is it more of a visual thing?

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I think I need both. I may be able to swing a combination of both just to make life easier. Thanks!

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Yep! We’ve always made our own- it’s getting easier and easier as far as graphics go, etc to make it look pretty legit, also! We honestly have always made our own because they serve a specific purpose to the plot and need to be scripted, but if we didn’t I still think it’s the way to go just for safety of copyright sake. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a nice little wiki creative commons free resources for stock footage

I’ve gone through sites like those often to make youtube music videos with public domain footage. those are especially fun with vintage vaudeville dancing!

there’s also you pay a small lifetime membership fee and you have access to their library which they update. They have some nice commercial feel footage and transitions to add the extra bells and whistles - ie sports and fancy transition graphics / whoosh sound fx stuff.

there is also the cg approach, which I can do, where you make a still background image and chroma in a green screen live actor to the set. or you can import the green screen of actor into cg environment. ( but for a news report a still is enough since cameras dont normally move around for a broadcast )

There is also the photoshopping approach for making a still image Matte of a newsroom, with the same green screen approach. plus there’s always motion tracking green screen over live footage if you want to get more creative for stuff like live news coverage of godzilla lol

this is an animated character on green screen, composited into live footage…you can just keep compositing new layers into stuff like this like a news reporter on the set.


This is great thank you!

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