Stream Now Founder, Ron Valderrama - AMA

(Ron Valderrama) #1

Hey Stareable community,

I’m Ron Valderrama, founder of Stream Now, a standalone streaming service designed to give independent creators a better option to get their work on more screens with a more refined user experience. Stream Now curates amazing content and is available online, via mobile apps as well as connected TVs through Roku and Apple TV.

I was told to let you know why I am qualified to answer your questions and I sort of hate to do that because in many ways, digital content is still wide open and I believe very few really have the answers. Most of the experts are making educated guesses or just lying. However, I have made a bunch of bad assumptions and mistakes. Maybe we can focus on those, so you may avoid some of the same mistakes.

What I’m working on?
• Continuing to grow the Stream Now platform.
• Recently launched original content such as Stream Now Music Television.
• Currently in pre-production on a feature film (producer).

So go ahead, ask me anything.

We've got an AMA for that!
(Bri Castellini) #2

Hah, it’s less “why” you’re qualified and more “what you feel qualified in”, but fair enough! My first question: why did you found Stream Now, and how is it different from other indie streaming services?

(Lessa Smith) #3

Hi ron! I’m new here. Is your streaming service exclusive? Or can people be on your site and also on others like YT or Facebook?

(Ron Valderrama) #4

Thanks Bri. I actually founded it after several filmmakers asked me to get involved with projects. One of them got us a meeting with top executives with a major streaming network. We wound up blowing it and later shopped it to a couple of cable networks. The project never came to be so I decided there must be more people trying to make content and would need a refined platform.

(Ron Valderrama) #5

We make both exclusive and non-exclusive deals.

(Blair Hunter) #6

Hey Ron! Have you worked in filmmaking before Stream Now? (and before your upcoming feature? Also- what’s the feature about?)

(Bri Castellini) #7

Is there a reason you will/won’t accept a nonexclusive deal? I know exclusivity can be big for filmmakers

(Ron Valderrama) #8

Not really. Like I mentioned earlier, several asked me to be on projects but I could never manage to get it across the finish line. That was a major reason for me to starting it.

(Meg Carroway) #9

Thanks for being here today, Ron. Does your site have a preference of series versus films? Does one or the other seem to do better, based on analytics?

(Ron Valderrama) #10

It’s usually because (a) the creator wants more than I can pay or (b) they don’t want to take it off of YT for some reason.

(Meg Carroway) #11

So how is your service different, specifically? For instance, what separates it from sites like Dekkoo and SeekaTV and others like that?

(Blair Hunter) #12

What have you learned so far? And what are your main jobs, as a producer? I know different people tend to do different things when producing/I know that producing means a lot of things to a lot of people

(Ron Valderrama) #13

No preference. We find that slightly longer form does better though as we move more into the living room with Roku and Apple TV. So episodes at least 10 minutes and films at least 25 minutes perform best.

(Ron Valderrama) #14

Having a hard time typing fast enough. Stick with me here.

(Bri Castellini) #15

Take your time! We’ve got an hour!

(Ron Valderrama) #16

I have learned a lot in terms of managing burn rate and not spending too much. I learned that the hard way though. As a producer, I am helping bring the project together with cast/crew, awareness and of course raising money.

(Ollie R) #17

What’s up! Is there a revenue sharing model for filmmakers on your site, or does Stream Now focus on discoverability? Wasn’t clear from your website- maybe I’m just dumb haha

(Blair Hunter) #18

Do you mind me asking how you’re going about raising money? Crowdfunding? Investors? Can you go into a little detail? Kind of sick of crowdfunding tbh and if there is something else I could try, I am all ears!

(Joseph Steven Heath) #19

What kind of content are you looking for? Is there any content you specifically don’t want?

(Ron Valderrama) #20

Well I really want to avoid talking about other platforms. Especially since guys like Seeka seem to really want to be creator friendly. I just don’t want to speak out turn. I would prefer to answer questions specifically about Stream Now if possible. One noticeable difference is they seem to focus more specifically on web series and I am a little more broad in that I look at all independent content from series to full feature films. We also just jumped into music.