Stream Now Founder, Ron Valderrama - AMA

(Ron Valderrama) #21

We actually stay away from horror and anything with nudity in it. Otherwise there are perhaps limitations if the content is too short or just not good.

(Ron Valderrama) #22

For the movie Purity I am working on right now, we have about $40k raised from investors and will be using Seed&Spark to make up the difference.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #23

How do you feel about comedies that incorporate horror elements? Say a comedic series about monsters?

(Meg Carroway) #24

Makes sense- sorry if I offended you! I guess I’m just curious because there are so many options now and since you were here I wanted to know how you define yourselves as the pool of indie streaming services gets bigger. As a filmmaker- what would you say to me to want to go with your platform? What do you think makes you guys unique?

(Ron Valderrama) #25

It’s sort of blended. There are some creators that actually paid us to be on there, others who put it up for free and others we paid. We don’t revenue share though. I pay in advance on an agreed upon amount. I think that makes us sort of kick ass.

(Bri Castellini) #26

That’s really interesting, since horror is a pretty big genre, especially online/ in indie. Why is horror not on your guys’ radar?

(Blair Hunter) #27

How do you talk to investors about a film project? Like how do you promise ROI? I feel passionate and confident in my projects but don’t really have data to bring to the table about that, so I sort of avoid the table altogether.

(Ollie R) #28

How do you determine who gets paid and who gets streamed for free?

(Ron Valderrama) #29

Thanks Meg, I was not offended at all. Just did not want to seem like I was talking bad about another company. In the end, you should probably just look at which aligns best with your ideals and what you want to accomplish. There is no silver bullet answer so it usually means talking directly with someone at the company. It was a good question.

(Bri Castellini) #30

Wow you guys- some great and very in depth questions so far! So you’ve said you’re not looking for horror or nudity… What is your submission process like, and what are you looking for when deciding to accept a project for your platform?

(Meg Carroway) #31

I get that! I totally do. What kinds of ideals would you say Stream Now aligns with, then? How would you define yourselves? Since I’m talking directly with someone at the company :slight_smile:

(Ron Valderrama) #32

It is and we actually used to have horror. I am getting a little older and actually have a 9 year old daughter that loves Stream Now. The biggest thing for me was when she got on and saw some of the images on the platform it just bothered me. I think a platform will emerge like shutter for web series to cater directly to that market. It would do well.

(sam lockie-waring) #33

cool website, my dude. saw you also offer consultations. what do you discuss in those? pre-production? production? marketing? all of the above? how are those sessions structured?

(Bri Castellini) #34

So would you say that you’re trying to keep the site and the projects you accept more family-friendly moving forward? Where is that line, would you say? Or is there a rating system built in?

(Ron Valderrama) #35

If we reach out to a creator, we already anticipate that we are going to pay. Usually with some due diligence in terms of how old the content is. If we think there are still people from your own following that may check it out and how that type of content is already performing for us. It’s like 30% science and 70% art. Spoiler Alert: We are usually wrong. But we are getting better at predicting.

(Jane) #36

What are trends you’ve noticed in independent streaming and web series recently? The good, the bad, the ugly, the bad sounding lol. I’ve seen you in a lot of web series Facebook groups so you seem like a guy who knows what’s up in that area!

(Joseph Steven Heath) #37

Do you take pitches or only already created content?

(Ron Valderrama) #38

Not family friendly per se. We drew the line with horror and nudity. Otherwise we still have a lot that to me pushes the limits.

(Bri Castellini) #39

OOoo this is a good question, Joe! Piggy-backing to ask- do you see Stream Now as creating its own content in the future, like Netflix?

(Ron Valderrama) #40

Yes but we have not been very successful. We had four shows in the works but were not able to get them off the ground.