Stream Now Founder, Ron Valderrama - AMA

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We have started with Stream Now Music Television. We are also continuing to work on projects with Sam Mason Bell and the over at Trash Arts. Yes. That was the main reason I started this company.

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Why is that, do you think? And in a broader sense: what should more series creators be doing when they’re in development, in your opinion? Based on what has been submitted to you, what you’ve watched, what you’ve seen online in twitter and FB groups, etc

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Well I may not be suited to answer this on a broad scale because like I said, we are looking for series that are slightly longer form. That works for us. That said, I think there is going to be a massive opportunity with Facebook video for creators. And I would imagine at least short term, they will focus on mobile and desktop. We are really focused on the living room.

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What are some of the most common critiques you end up giving filmmakers who want to be on your platform?

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How does one submit? Because I would love to send some things your way.

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Hey there! Thanks for coming in and answering our questions. What kind of tools are available to content creators on Stream Now to interface with viewers/fans/etc and to build audience?

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I actually meant more content-wise, or genre/structure-wise, but that’s interesting! So any thoughts on content/genre/structure? Even in longer-form shows, if they’re made for online they tend to break from traditional form and stuff, right?

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We can discuss whatever you need depending on where you are in the process. Out of the group that would be on the call, I am the least qualified. The guys you would be talking to are legit as hell and have seen it all.

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We open up submissions at But because of how many we get and the fact that there are only a few of us, we only open submissions the first week of the quarter.

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so i would just pay you some money and tell you where i’m at, and we’d all skype for an hour? what kinds of questions do you tend to get most?

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I think there is an audience for any genre. The main thing is to do whatever you can really well. Hit things that are under served on TV and in film. Having talked to some of the people at Seed&Spark, they are really pushing diversity right now. Even giving incentives. Most of the time, if it’s good, it just needs a nudge. If you can get companies like Seed&Spark or streaming platforms like mine to help get it out there. That is the key. Well that and making kick ass content.

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Does StreamNow help promote shows? How, and what seems to work best in marketing? I can rephrase: how does one market successfully?? lmao

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Well we would want to know what you are looking to accomplish in advance so we can get down to business on the call. We honestly don’t get a lot of people taking us up on it but the biggest question is usually how do I package it to get sold or get real distribution. Chris Sergi who is on the team is a master at that and has worked with some really big names. Michael Campo and Eric Vale are filmmakers so they can attack writing, directing and they have made a few bad distribution deals, so they can tell you want to look for there.

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any tips on that you can sneak us for free, since we’re all so lovable and scrappy? : D

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Yes because creators success is our success. Even typing that sounds so cheesy but its true. We try to get out of the creator ecosystem a bit when promoting though. For instance, we get a lot of play out of people that follow Roku and Apple TV. So those are people that creators are not getting in front of many times. Cord cutters are another big audience for us.

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DM me on Twitter. Anyone on this AMA thread can submit to me directly for free.

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How can we as filmmakers market better, in your opinion? Even if we aren’t on your platform!