Stream Now Founder, Ron Valderrama - AMA

(Bri Castellini) #61

Wow, Ron, that’s so generous of you! Thank you! Also FYI I’ve been flagging questions in the thread as yellow that got buried :slight_smile: I know these things can get disorganized so I got your back!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #62

Yeah, that’s amazing! Thank you so much!

(Meg Carroway) #63

lol thanks Bri

(Ron Valderrama) #64

We are trying to build a beautiful user experience and offer creators a platform that they can send their audience to and be proud of. So a netflix like experience hopefully. We are trying to work with people that see the value in what we are doing and vice versa. So we are tightening up the content we accept and we want the creators to expect us to level up our platform constantly. When we first started, it was pretty ugly. A creator who was on the platform basically told be this much. We went into the lab and focused entirely on being design led and user experience.

(Jaime Lancaster) #65

I am suuuuupes late to this party but wow thank you!! I will have to start getting my act together!

(Jaime Lancaster) #66

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a first time producer? Any words of wisdom? (I am also a first time producer, and things didn’t go great my first project haha but I’m still in it and want to do better!)

(Amen J.) #67

What about on the back end, do you use Netflix-like data metrics to determine what’s working and what’s not?

(Ron Valderrama) #68

Sorry I almost did not see this one. We are available online, mobile apps, Roku and Apple TV. Otherwise, we don’t have an audience builder mechanism per se. We do however help creators get press and promote the old fashioned way.

(Bri Castellini) #69

All unanswered Qs still floating around are tagged in yellow!

(Ron Valderrama) #70

Yes we have to use data so I don’t wind up just getting content that I love but no one else does. But we also try to step back and look at why the data is what it is. Sometimes a simple fix like a new movie poster helps get traction. Other time like with kids/family content, we are not doing enough to be a leader there and dont have enough of that time of content. So we may over pay to get certain types of content to help prove the data out.

(Ron Valderrama) #71

Holy crap. This is tougher than I thought. Trying to catch up now.

(Bri Castellini) #72

No worries! You’re doing awesome! Thanks so much!

(Ron Valderrama) #73

hey thanks for taking time.

(Ron Valderrama) #74

Yes, if you’re trying to get investors, don’t focus on the ROI. I am finding that most film investors are investing out of ego as opposed to it being a business transaction. They want there name on the credits and invites to the set so they can post to instagram. Sell the sizzle and try not to lose their money.

(Amen J.) #75

How important is it to you for development/acquisitions that the web series/content has created a sense of community around it - not just an audience, but that it’s almost a movement in and of itself? I’m finding this to be a thing now on the indie side, that you have to create a community around the product.

(Ron Valderrama) #76

Focus on sound. Like seriously, you can get by filming on your phone even if you have something like filmmic pro. But please give that sound some love. Get a real sound guy on the crew.

(Ron Valderrama) #77

Also, don’t promote it to just other creators in FB groups. Go find your audience.

(Jaime Lancaster) #78

That’s so helpful!!! How do you even find investors, though, to wow with your sizzle?

(Jane) #79

So… post in DIFFERENT Facebook groups? :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m actually serious- I don’t know what I’m doing!)

(Ron Valderrama) #80

Oh yeah if you can do that, it’s awesome. Here is my thought though and I could be wrong. If you are trying to build community and it’s not working. Stop and see if you’re doing something wrong. If you try again and it’s still not working. Stop and do something else entirely to build traction for the show. I guess what I am saying is not everyone will be good at building community. So test cheap and test fast and lean hard on whatever IS working.