Stream Now Founder, Ron Valderrama - AMA

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I’m sorry I missed the Q and A but lots of great questions and really great answers. Worth a read.

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Alright folks, that about does it! If Ron has a bit more time, there are a few straggler yellow-highlighted questions throughout the thread, but he promised us an hour, and WOW did he deliver!

Huge big thanks to @ronVceo! Follow him on Twitter @ StreamNowCEO !

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Actually that’s not wrong. I have like home renovation shows on the platform and they always get a boost when I go to an interior design FB group. Same goes for classic films. Same goes from travel.

You can also harness people who already have an audience. So we have a film that is sort of like a throwback to the old 80s films like goonies. So we use that audience as well as an audience that like say Stranger Things on Netflix.

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Thanks, Ron!

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That was fast. I need a drink. I will stick around to answer any that I missed. Thanks for having me.

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Had a blast. Thanks for the awesome questions.

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Better late than never.

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Network. Like I’m talking about networking like its a full time effing job. This sounds stupid but make sure that you tell those that you are close to that you ARE LOOKING FOR INVESTORS. You never know what may come from that. I actually did that and my aunt sent me a guy.

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I would like to thank you for answering everyones questions, really helpful answers.

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Yes, thanks again for answering these questions. Very helpful and something I’ll be coming back to for reference later. Thanks for giving us your time!

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I hate it because I really wanted to create this to lower the barrier to get into “the industry”. Both for myself and others. Unfortunately there is still a barrier. The good news is its not about taste or what I like. We just look for solid production value (especially sound) and tight writing, directing and of course acting. Sound is always the biggest though.

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good time man

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One thing I have noticed just on stuff I have worked on is I spent a lot of time building an audience in advance and by the time the release date came, it sort of fizzled compared to how much engagement I got in advance. I know that’s not an answer. But I think as a guess, promoting while not saying what it is exactly. So engaging videos that give no answers before it launches. Who know though. Let me know if you get a good answer.

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The film is called Purity. It’s a thriller that is very loosely based off of a true story. Here is the link to the website if you want to check it out.

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I would just have to see it. There are always grey areas.