Submitting Single Web Episode as a Short?

(Joanne J Chew) #1

Good evening all. Thanks so much for all the past input about listing a webseries in film festivals. It’s been very helpful.

I’ve been speaking with my director & we were wondering if it’s possible (and doesn’t go against any rules) if we had a particularly strong episode that can stand alone as a short, if we could submit our entire series to certain festivals looking for web series entries, and use our strongest episode for short film submissions in others? Has anyone gone this route before/would we need to make two seperate entries on FilmFreeway?

Thanks so much!

(Herman Wang) #2

I occasionally submit our pilot episode as a short film and I use a separate FilmFreeway “Project” for that.

(Bri Castellini) #3

What Herman said- you can do whatever you like with your project! I’ve also heard of people recutting their projects to fit various formats, from short film to web series to full length pilots. One thing I’ll say is that it’ll make it harder to promote wins if you’re winning in multiple formats. If you’ve won “best web series” and “best short film” with the same project, that might get complicated and confusing, but it’s not against any rules!