Summer 2018!

(Kyla) #1

hey friends!

I know a lot of productions shoot in summer because it’s a generally free block of time if you/your cast/your crew are in school, and if you’re looking for an addition to your crew, I’m available all summer! I’ve been working on a webseries of my own and as such I’ve worn a lot of different hats-- I’ve dabbled in nearly every aspect of filmmaking aside from sound and actually decent editing. I’m located near toronto and I’m willing to travel (provided someone helps me find housing if you’re not located around toronto, montreal, or victoria).

if you’d like to see a resume, a reel, or basically anything please let me know! I’d really love to get some experience this summer!

(Bri Castellini) #2

@hermdelica @rjlackie @LaurenEvansTV

(Herman Wang) #3

We usually don’t work with a PA but I can find a place to fit one in if you’re interested.

Send me a Facebook friend request at hermdelica (and maybe a reminder message in a month or so)

(Kyla) #4

I’m definitely interested, thanks for reaching out! just sent a request!