Teach Me Tuesday: Audience Communication & Updates

(Steve O'Reilly) #21

I honestly have found FB to be effective for my series. Since the subject is quasi sci fi / comedy finding groups that are specifically interested in those genres makes FB a pretty natural fit. Since comedy tends to land across all social platforms – in the sense that when you see something on any platform if it slants light hearted it will usually gets read. By investing time in chat rooms and groups – searching “comedy” or “sci fi” and finding those groups, I’ve been able to sort of repurpose posts for the show in front of new audiences that wouldn’t have heard of Team Mars (plug). It also has been helpful for discovering talent and for casting purposes. Finding comedians that are friends with each other and through 6 degrees friends with me have opened communication doors that would have been previously shut.

(Bri Castellini) #22

Plug! (you should embed your episodes btw! We support FB embedding!)

(Steve O'Reilly) #23

Done… We have now Team Mars’ pilot episode up on stareable (checking off fun things to do today!) Thank you Bri.