Teach Me Tuesday: could your project work in another format?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! Today’s topic is…

Would your web series (or current project) work in another form? A short, a full length pilot, a feature, a podcast?

Why or why not?

(Bri Castellini) #2

Brains I don’t think would work in another form. It was a show designed for the internet, from it’s video-blog found-footage shooting style to the way that said video blog feeds into the plot and character later in the series. I also think it’s exactly the length it should be- a half hour or hour long version of Brains wouldn’t have enough material or be as punchy, and a feature wouldn’t give Alison the time she needed to grow as a character. I played with the idea of trying to rewrite later seasons as mixed media or even as an audio drama, but the video camera is so much of the story by season 3 that I don’t think the transition would make sense.

Ace and Anxious, my short film, could definitely work as the jumping off point for a series, which I’ve actually tried before but need more time to develop. I like the idea of the main character a lot and I think I would have a lot of fun with her continuing adventures.

Sam and Pat is also very much a web-specific project, because of its length and the style of comedy.

(William E. Spear) #3

UNBOUND, inspired by Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN and written as a stage play, feels like it might work as a graphic novel.

(Ray Robinson) #4

Deliver Me would need extensive rewriting to be something beyond a 5-6 minutes per episode web series. Since the focus right now is on one brief encounter after another, the main character of the delivery driver would have to be given far more substance than a narrator/observer. He’d have to be given his own story to flesh out a 30-minute format TV series. It’s doable, but not unless someone shows an interest in it.

As it stands right now, I see it in the same light as the GEICO cavemen. Great in small bites, a disaster if one tries to build it into something more.

(Herman Wang) #5

Our four-season run could probably be made into a feature, but it would be much harder getting people to watch it compared to a web series.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #6

When Marianne and I lived in the same city we performed live together. We would probably have produced a stand up and skit show with our comedian friends if she hadn’t moved 300+ miles away.

(Magdalena Waz) #7

Even now, I think “My Astronaut” could have worked as a feature if we were able to shoot a little bit more connective tissue between the episodes. But since we’re in a doc format anyway, we could have theoretically cut it all together into a feature with title cards marking the passage of time and moving us from place to place if needed.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #8

The Projectionist Project probably wouldn’t work as a short as it’s a movie review series. And just one movie review seems pretty odd. It wouldn’t work as a feature for the same reasons. But I do think it could work as a pilot. I actually have two different ideas of how to convert this into a full-length pilot. It could possibly work as a podcast and I have actually toyed with that idea when I start to miss the show.

Monsters Anonymous could work as a short or a feature. And it’s already a full-length pilot (though I would like to re-write it a lot). It might work as a podcast, but it would lose a lot of built-in visual comedy.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #9

Had Flagon taken off more during its original run I had hoped to adapt it to different mediums, playing with the mechanics of storytelling within those formats in the way that I approached gaming in the cartoon itself. Since the cartoon itself is irreverent to its plot, I could switch that in a book adaptation and make it a true fantasy novel. I could make a Demon Knights-styled comic book that goes in a different direction. And Flagon would work great as a video game, especially with the cheating mechanic that closes out season one. I could get all kinds of meta with an RPG that knows its an RPG.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #10

I’ve flirted with the idea of making Ghetto Nerd Girl into a graphic novel. It would have to be reformatted with less dialogue and I imagine I could do most of it myself since I do draw. I still might do it after 3rd season production ends. :star_struck:

(lifecoachedseries) #11

This was actually suggested to me recently. I have a potential investor gauging my interest level of turning the 10 episodes I have written into a feature. I’m playing with the idea because… money… But, I always saw the show having more of journey than 110 pages. But who knows!

(lifecoachedseries) #12

I watched your show recently. I grew up in the atari/nintendo/sega era. It was a fun watch! I shared it with a buddy who is a huge gamer and he loved it. Kudos! :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Hardesty) #13

Thanks for the love! Means a lot!