Teach Me Tuesday: How and where to network

(sam lockie-waring) #21

even if you aren’t in the festival yourself? thanks for logging back in to help us out, meredith!

(Meredith Burkholder) #22


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(Herman Wang) #23

I’ve found a low-effort way to network on Twitter is the weekly #WebSeriesChat (Wednesdays 2-3PM Eastern time zone)

There’s a weekly topic presented for discussion and it’s tailor-made for us web series creators. Just search for the tag at the right time and jump in - it’s opened doors for both the series I’m currently working on!

(Bri Castellini) #24

That’s how I got my job at Stareable! Almost 3 years ago Stareable was the topic of a chat and that’s how I learned of it :slight_smile:

I also met @Pablo via that (which allowed me to work with him on Stray) and a number of other now-great-friends! Could not recommend higher!

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(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #25

I am this person too. My entourage helps me network while I stand there looking blank. I’m hoping to do more performing stuff soon. And I get that part too. Respect.

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(Erik Urtz) #26

I definitely highly recommend #WebSeriesChat :slight_smile:

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