Teach Me Tuesday: On-set jargon

(Bri Castellini) #1

Welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! Today’s topic…

What kinds of jargon do you use on your set that non-filmmakers (and fellow filmmakers alike) might not recognize?

Share your jargon! The more incomprehensible to other people, the better!

(Bri Castellini) #2

Some of these might be familiar, but I’ve been on enough sets that I know they aren’t always used, so…

Reset means go back to first positions without cutting and starting a new take
Stretch goals means shots we would love to try but aren’t sure if we’ll have time for
Pocket boo means my DP Brandon Smalls.

The rest of the incomprehensibility on my sets is largely inside jokes and us being unable to maintain professionalism and only getting away with it because we’ve all worked together before. My sets are truly an HR person’s nightmare (in a not-skeevy way, promise)

(Herman Wang) #3

Plate - background footage without any actors in it that is necessary for certain types of VFX in post

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #4

Last looks - last chance for makeup dept to touch up actors before the camera rolls
Standby - Note to the cast and crew that the camera isn’t rolling but I’m about to yell action so stay ready
Hamstering - The mode I get into when too many people are asking me questions at the same time


(Erica) #5

Since our doc series is just Kelly and I, I’m not sure we use too much set lingo between us, but on bigger sets that I have worked on, here are a few terms that are commonly used:

  • Call Time: the time you are needed and that your workday begins

  • On the Clock: When you are officially working.

  • Circus: where the majority of the trailers including cast, wardrobe, makeup / hair, ADs … are parked

  • 10-1: in the washroom

  • Wrap: done filming - for the day or for the show

  • Camera Wrap: done on camera for the day, but still needed for other things

  • Show Wrap: complete wrap for you on the show

  • Pumpkin Time: when any kids you are filming with need to be off the clock

  • Breakfast: the working meal, during set-up

  • Lunch: the main meal of the day

  • Hot Snack: generally a hot, working eat 3 hours after ‘lunch’

  • Craft Services: the snack truck or table

  • The Window: last shot of the day

  • Checking the Gate: double checking that they got everything before calling ‘wrap’

Here’s a guide to some common film industry lingo: http://www.filmtraining.mb.ca/resources/industry-info/film-lingo/