Teach Me Tuesday: Pep Talks

(Bri Castellini) #1

It’s been a rough year for a lot of people. For this last Teach Me Tuesday of 2018, let’s pump each other up!

Share your best pep talk with your fellow filmmakers

(Bri Castellini) #2

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(Meg Carroway) #3

Pep talk: no one can tell your story but you and we all can’t wait to hear it! There is nothing in your way and we believe in you 100%.

(Hillary Nussbaum) #4

Remember that no matter how accomplished or together your fellow filmmakers may seem, we all struggle. We all go through low points and periods of self-doubt and we all have moments where we question why we chose this path. You’re not alone. It doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for this. It does mean that we’re all great resources for tips and moral support! (Is that a downer of a pep-talk??)

(Bri Castellini) #5

No I loved that! Half of the fight is realizing you’re not alone in it!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #6

I come to the Stareable community for my pep rally. Just reading others’ concerns and posts makes me feel like I’m not alone in this journey. I feel even better if I can offer advice in an “Ask the Community” post.

(Kyla) #7

ok ok it’s tuesday somewhere probably

your mistakes and failures don’t define you or your project! sometimes you or other people are gonna mess up or totally bomb at something or miss something you should have caught, but in the end, you can make it work. learn from the time the camera was unfocused for an important shot. learn from the time an extra moved to the wrong spot in a take without anyone catching it during the shoot. learn from the time another group was using your filming space because you didn’t check schedules. every mistake, every error, every failure-- don’t beat yourself up for them. figure out a fix and work around them.

keep those failures in the back of your head so you can push yourself and your team to be better but DON’T LET THEM CONSUME YOU. you got this.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #8

i was sick yesterday! heres my pep talk https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/track/fun-with-hatchets

(Hailey Buck) #9

Don’t forget the fun. I know I tend to get bogged down and just think of all I have to do, so it helps me to take a moment every once and a while to remember that I love it despite the flaws!

(Kallum Weyman) #10

Things are never easy, the road never smooth, the journey wouldn’t be worth the reward if it was easy to get there. The people who are part of this community, film makers, visionaries, dreamers. People who want to make new, diverse and amazing content, this is where the future of film making lies. Success might not always come our way, but failure and hardship only strengthen you and your art. We are not tied down by old systems, here we’re working on the fringes of film making and story telling, some are telling stories in new ways, some are telling stories about new types of people and some are telling new stories all together. So if 2017 didn’t go your way, kick it in the balls, stop on it head as you walk past it learning from your mistakes and make 2018 your year.