Teach Me Tuesday: unpopular opinions

(Anna Bateman) #21


(Ian David Diaz) #22

Oh, I see.

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(Bri Castellini) #24

Well I didn’t say Frankenstein MD failed, but it’s one of the original Pemberley projects and those are generally pretty revered in the web world so I was saying that it may be an unpopular thing for me to think, but I felt it wasn’t as strong as their original Lizzie Bennet Diaries

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #25

It’s my unpopular opinion based on what I’ve seen

(Anna Bateman) #26

Sorry I just am not sure what you mean? Are you saying episodes of web series should be only 15 seconds?

(Ian David Diaz) #27

Oh Okay.

(Bri Castellini) #28

An “unpopular opinion” is just something you think or believe that you’re probably in the minority for.

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #29

Yes. If your target audience is less than 25 years old. They do not concentrate and 1 minute is equivalent to one hour.
That’s why maybe the 15-second festival was born…

(Anna Bateman) #30

That doesn’t sound right… especially now with binge culture.

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #31

Yes you’re right. Maybe it works more with real actors and not animation. But the public target is not clear. In my case, the people of generation X (mine) can watch a full video of more than 3 minutes. But I’ve noticed that people between 18 to 25 last less.
It’s my case, it does not mean it’s law. Besides that, the subject was: unpopular opinion :slight_smile:

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #32

Yup. I’ve seen those.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #33

I wouldn’t say do a 30 second episode for a web series, but it’s a good length for a sneak peek to entice new viewers.

(Ron Valderrama) #34

Bad sound is a deal maker right from the get go. I also hate talking to creators that feel like they have to follow a formula to make a successful web series. I always hear “my research said that comedy series need to be 2-4 minutes per episode” or something to that affect. When creators do that, it always seems less authentic. The best part about web series is there are no rules in my opinion.

(Kyla) #35

my unpopular opinions:

  • vlogseries have to be incredibly well-written, otherwise I get super bored. I’m a super visual/tactile person, so having someone talk at a camera for five minutes kills me when there’s nothing interesting on screen
  • short episodes-- like 1-3 minute long episodes-- will be the death of me bc I start getting invested and it’s great and then suddenly I blink and there’s a new video, idk it just bothers me a lot bc I get used to the topic and vibe of an episode and then it’s gone immediately

(William E. Spear) #36

Bri - Your drama v. comedy point is interesting. I started writing in radio and comedy was a graveyard while tolerable drama was everywhere. Even writing for stage seemed to favor average drama over average comedy.

(Herman Wang) #37

My personal rule is: if I can pass through the thumbnails of the entire episode without the background changing, I’m not watching :slight_smile:

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #38

OK. I have a proposal that you can not refuse:
Why not bring a Youtube person in the future related to statistics or something like that and a talk about it?
I do not know if they have brought it before, but if so, everything has changed a lot, so, I think there are tons of questions.
Personally, only, in this case, I speak from my experience.( Animation and horror). I have a problem with my main target because I had made everything to be qualified for a festival.
Now, a few days ago I went to see the movie It, based on one of my favorite Stephen King books and it was an epiphany. Why? Because the general public was 15 years old. Then I could see that it worked and not in the movie. When they were distracted by watching the phone and when they shouted (the girls mainly)
My mistake has been (at the time of so much paranoia and censorship) to remove the violence of the series. Now, with this information, the following episodes will be as they have to be, it does not matter if they disqualify me from all the festivals to which I applied.

We have to take risks.

(Amen J.) #39

Yes, I’ve noticed that too!

(Mary Julia DeCarlo) #40

I feel like I prefer longer episodes (10 minutes plus) but feel like a lot of others prefer shorter ones. I find it hard to invest if I only get a few minutes with the characters and if I’m watching a show, I want an excuse to watch for longer than just 2 or 3 minutes and a longer ep gives me that.