Teach Me Tuesday: What Are You Proud Of?

Welcome to Teach Me Tuesday! Today’s topic:

#What are you most proud of from your show/shows? Points for pics!

Basically- I want to have a whole thread of love and pride in your work. What episode, element, decision, piece of set design, or anything else are you most proud of? Why?

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From Brains season 1, I think I’m proudest of episode 5 as a whole. It’s based on the 5 minute play that the whole of Brains is based on (metaaa) and I’m just really proud of how it turned out. It’s funny, wacky, and in my opinion gets at the true heart of the series: this thirsty thirsty girl is trying to put the moves on someone but the zombie apocalypse keeps getting in the way.

From season 2, I’d have to say the episode I got to direct (episode 8). It was my first time directing and I was so nervous because I was working with two of my favorite actors but it was an absolute dream. They were supportive and patient, I learned what does and doesn’t work for me and for my style, and the episode turned out really freaking good in my opinion.


For Killing it! – I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far, and we’ve overcome many obstacles to even create the show at all. We live in different cities and make lots of sacrifices to make this happen. We shot the first 5 episodes on the hottest weekend of august last year, with no director, and my apartment was close to 90 degrees. Our videographer almost passed out on the first day.

I’m especially proud of the first episode. I think we establish our characters and our show’s spirit clearly, and got to have the kind of fun on screen that is close to how Marianne and I play and improvise in real life.

I’m SO excited for the newest episodes that I’ve not finished editing, and our 6th episode I almost wish was our second episode. Our show is not chronological but just like our first episode, this one gets across core elements of what Killing it! is.

I’m also proud that I had the guts to release the 5th episode, cuz I was nervous about being ‘vulnerable’ in it. We wrote it quickly in the evening after our videographer almost got heatstroke the first day of shooting. We decided we would shoot an episode in Marianne’s hotel room, since it had air conditioning, and make it about how in real life I have to travel around the world for my day job shooting corporate photography. It’s not perfect, but I think web series should be raw and indie, and not afraid to make mistakes. Maybe I just come from that aesthetic. I’m proud of how well I can play Ravel’s Pavane for a Dead Princess in the end credits, the same song im practicing in the first moments of episode 1.


Shay from @BffsLiterally . I’m proud of my cast. The actors are such troopers. They do their own stunts and are completely fine with doing multiple takes of running in the woods covered in fake blood in 90 degree weather and giving an on point performance every time.

I’m also proud that We’ve managed to put together an all female crew to work on the series. I’m proud of the show in general because, even though we’re only half way through shooting Chapter One, I get to work with some amazing people. It’s like the Themyscira behind the scenes it the island was shooting a darkly funny horror webseries :slight_smile:


Having created The Late, Late News, I am most proud of the incredible work of our cast and crew. Despite the fact that we’re all on opposite sides of the country, we’ve got a talented group that I treasure deeply. It’s an honor to work with them, to write for them, and to learn from them.

Seeing the words I’ve written in each script come to life throughout every episode is the best experience any writer can have, and that goes for me too. Even though we’ve all had to deal with various production issues (delays, scheduling, releasing) on this show, I am tremendously proud that The Late, Late News is out there for viewers to enjoy.

I look forward to keeping that work going in season 2. We’ve shot 2 episodes (out of 6 for this season) so far. I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when making a show like this, and it’s knowledge that I will definitely take with me for the next project I start. I’m proud of every episode we did, and honored to collaborate with great people.

Season 1 playlist:


Respect. We shot in August with no AC during a heat wave last year too. I had a fan with an ice tray in front of it.


What from Stray are YOUUUU most proud of, Pablo? (I’m proud of your thumbnails. Whoever designed them is super good at their job. Also like the writing and comic timing is stellar but mostly thumbnails)


First of all, I love the opportunity for a group #humblebrag. It’s really easy to focus on the negative and what doesn’t work in the DIY world with limited resources so it’s nice to take a minute to think about what works instead of what doesn’t.

For me personally with my 2 projects (Real Adult Feelings, a full length series I did for 3 seasons, & Bros For Hire, a one off spec pilot), the biggest thing I am proud of is building a strong ensemble and getting the best out of some really amazing actors. We took a lot of care in the casting process to build an ensemble that had a good chemistry and could play off each other well and I think we accomplished that.

Real Adult Feelings: The Best Of Season 1 from Jason Ryan on Vimeo.

Since RAF came first we took a lot of the built in camaraderie to the next thing we did, Bros for Hire, which featured most of the same actors. Really building a small community of great actors and crew folk is what I look back on fondly with those series. And some of the jokes aren’t too bad, I guess. I worked my ass off on those scripts and while I regret not having more time to polish every script, generally I am proud of the writing.

In time I came to be proud of some of the filmmaking work we did on the show, especially in later seasons once we figured out how to actually compose shots and get good audio but for like 2.5 years that was the bane of our existence. And actually our beloved cinematographer came to us as a fan. My first honest to goodness fan letter from a stranger. He wrote to say he loved the show and was like “I’m in film school and would love to help” and we were like “um…can you DP because we can’t!” and we ended up finding a really talented DP who has gotten other paid work after our show. Super proud of that one.

TL;DR version: the people I met and the relationships I built. All of my actors are truly amazing people whom I will try to work with on every single project I make in some capacity. It was dumb luck building such a great group but sometimes you gotta own dumb luck and be proud of it.


I am most proud of creating something from nothing. Before STRAY, I’d never written a script, never been on set, never held a camera. I didn’t have any filmmaking experience, didn’t have any equipment, didn’t have any “industry” contacts. I had nothing, and was able to make something.

Related, I’m proud that talented people got involved out of sheer enthusiasm for the project, lending talent, skill, time and tech. It would’ve been impossible to make the show without their belief in the project. I’m equally proud of that.


I’m proud of the last 30 seconds or so of the Ace Attorney review from my show The Projectionist Project. It’s probably the most complicated effect I’ve ever done and it doesn’t look half bad. (Starts at about 9:14.) It required me to sit in so many theater seats.

Runner-up cool stuff is in this video:


Hey! We’re Kim :raising_hand_woman:t2:and Bryan :raising_hand_man:t3:and we created Sibs Comedy Web Series which lives on YouTube and vacations on :raised_hands:Stareable! We’re new to the community and love all the awesome posts here today for #TeachMeTuesday! Rock on for content creators & bad*ss web series. If you have something you’re promoting, feel free to tweet at us at @SibsWebSeries and we’d happy to retweet and support your series!

We are first-time web series creators and man, we have had a total blast. Seeing the evolution in our content from episode 1 to our finale has been :boom: BOOM for us :slight_smile:

Trying to figure out how to do parachuting, interrogations, baby juggling and trips to Canada on a $300 budget, all while not killing each other (we’re real life siblings, so that’d be rough at family functions) has been a ride these past 12 weeks.

We’re super proud of our Season Finale. Part 1 is Live on YouTube @sibswebseries and part 2 is coming this Sunday at 8pm PT!

Sibs Season Finale Part 1

Big ups to Amazon Prime on #AmazonPrimeDay for all the ridiculous props we bought last minute. We’re having a giveaway to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card from our series, so If you, too, love last minute props, you can enter through our twitter or on our website (BOOM, another proud moment - Kim sent it live on Sunday) at sibsthewebseries.com. We’re really proud of our show and happy to be in a community of creators and creatives! :v:


Awesome Pablo! Us too. Congrats, that’s huge!

Hey-o, real life siblings collaborating! My baby brother is in LA and I’m in NY and we made a short film (part of the extended universe for my web series, Brains) together! Long distance- I wrote and gave notes from NY, and he pulled the cast and crew together to make it out in LA. It’s possibly the first time we’ve ever worked together and gotten along ever, and I’m super proud of it/our working relationship.


I’m proud of being able to film just about two seasons in 7 months since I started conceptualizing #LoveMyRoomie. I’ve just removed season one from YouTube temporarily but there’s a lot of great teasers for season two, all of which, couldn’t have been achieved without an amazing team! <3


That’s incredible!!! 2 seasons in 7 months? Good for you! Can I ask why you took season 1 off of YouTube?

Considering all I had known about making web series came from talking to you guys, I thought we did pretty well with this.

What’s incredible is that even after writing about and talking about filmmaking with all of you guys I still learned lessons on this the hard way! lol That said, talking with you all and working with some of you has been incredibly rewarding.


For the webseries The Real Trap Queenz of the OC: I’m proud of how far we have come as a team, as a entertainment brand, as brothers. Since we started the webseries, we have received ALOT of criticism and backlash from our college peers and people from our hometowns. Some were good, some were bad and some were just PLAIN IGNORANT, but we took those criticism and became even more creative with each episode to play with.

With Season 1, the quality was not all that great and we was working with ONE studio light. We could have stop and not continue to webseries, but we knew if we did, the world would never know the characters Anastasia, Aubrey and Bianca in its rarest form. Portraying in women character is very common in the entertainment world, but it’s the message while being in character what gets the audience attention. So that is why we always promote organic comedy and entertainment, simply because it’s not forced or watered down. Our goal is to make the world laugh, using everyday life situations and turn it into comedy.

Season 2, we decided to go with the theme “The Element of Surprises”, leaving room to create a storyline to answer the questions from season 1 in each episode. It’s all about growth and understanding and we are also thankful to be apart of the community, receiving knowledge in filmmaking, production and insights on building a webseries!


What I’m most proud about when it comes to “Hypnotic” is that I brought myself to it authentically. I’m not a writer, director, or producer. I’m a hypnotist. But I knew I had a story to tell, and when I pitched the concept to people, nobody was willing to take the risk, so I did it myself. I used my own funding, no money from anywhere else. I showed people what I go through as an entertainer. No manufactured drama, no fake scenes. Everything we did was real, and that meant being publicly vulnerable at points in a way that I never had before.

To basically show in the first episode, “Well, I’m a hypnotist, and I’m really good at hypnotizing people, but I can’t seem to hypnotize myself to lose weight…” That’s not some made up angle. That’s a real challenge in my life. And then, in episode two, to show myself going to see a fashion consultant because my agent tells me my wardrobe isn’t good enough… tough on the ego, again. I did it, though, because I swore to myself that if I did this project I was going to show people that we all have challenges.

Making this series was one of the best experiences of my life. It opened up my eyes to new ways of being creative that I had never thought about before. I’m genuinely proud that I took that leap.


Did you guys take that picture of the Orange County sign while driving down the 5, or did you climb up onto the freeway!? lol

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